50 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Beyond saying "I do", what is most important to a Black girl on her wedding day? Looking flawless, of course! The perfect hairstyle can make all the difference when it comes to looking your best on your Big Day. So, we’ve compiled a master list of the 50 best wedding hairstyles for Black women to make choosing your hairstyle a snap!

1. Afro with Clip

Afro with Clip

Photo credit: theweddinghaircompany

There’s nothing like a soft, natural fro to top off your wedding ensemble. This style not only flaunts your Blackness unapologetically, but it showcases your natural beauty. The clip is 100 percent glam, elevating the fro several notches. If you want to keep it natural and glamorous, this is the style for you!

2. Finger Wave Updo With Tendrils

Finger Wave Updo With Tendrils

Photo credit: Toyoglow

We bet you've never seen finger waves as beautiful as these. This finger wave updo is undeniably feminine and regal - a delightful take on the classic wedding updo. With it’s intricate details and wispy tendrils on the sides, all eyes will be on you! What’s more is you can make the style your own by adding color - it looks great with honey blonde, ash blonde, or even red chunky highlights!

3. Tuck N’ Roll Updo

Tuck N’ Roll Updo

Photo credit: ILE Events & Amy Anaiz

If you’re looking for a style with a vintage vibe, this is it! It’s a simple yet eye-catching style that everyone’s sure to notice. Make it your own by adding a dainty hairclip that expresses your personality. It’s great for any face shape and will accent any vintage or traditional wedding look!

4. Curly Wash N’ Go

Curly Wash N’ Go

Photo credit: theweddinghaircompany

You can’t go wrong with a head full of bouncy curls on your wedding day. This image proves that a wash n’ go is not only great for casual events, but it’s easily dressed up with the right accessories. This bold gold headband amplifies this wash n’ go to the max. We’re sure you agree!

5. Curly Updo with Deep Side Part

Curly Updo with Deep Side Part

Photo credit: Black Bride

Are you looking for something sleek and sexy? This curly updo with a side part gives you exactly that. The deep side part gives the style some shape and creates a bang that frames your face with a subtle swoop. Dress this style up further with flowers or a stylish hair clip!

6. Long Cascading Waves with Deep Side Part

Long Cascading Waves with Deep Side Part

Photo credit: lovelyweddinghairstyles

There’s something enchanting about long cascading waves - they’ll flow in the wind as you strut down the aisle on your wedding day. The deep side part is flattering on most women and creates bangs that perfectly frame the face. A long style like this could be right up your alley!

7. Textured Updo with Crown

Textured Updo with Crown

Photo credit: Toyoglow

This style is giving us serious Queen vibes. It’s a textured wedding updo featuring laid edges, a pompadour, and a crown to top it all off. If natural wedding looks speak to you, we’re sure you’ll love this one. It’ll have you feeling royal on your Big Day.

8. Tuck N’ Roll in Red

Tuck N’ Roll in Red

Photo credit: naturalblackbride

Who says you can’t have fire engine red hair on your wedding day? This elegant red tuck n’ roll updo is everything you’ve ever wanted in a wedding hairstyle. It’s got intricate details that you and your wedding guests will no doubt enjoy. You’ll look absolutely gorgeous in this look no matter your face shape or wedding dress.

9. Spiral Loc Updo

Spiral Loc Updo

Photo credit: keishacharmaine

This spiral loc updo is a literal showstopper! The highlight of the style is the texture of the spiral locs, but the little details also make a difference. The teeny tiny flowers are just the right touch to finish off this stunning look. This style is a fantastic option for you if you have locs.

10. Layered Loose Ringlets

Layered Loose Ringlets

Photo credit: Cassia

For an effortlessly gorgeous wedding style, look no further than layered loose ringlets. The style is modern and flawless, giving you everything you need to look your absolute best. The loose ringlets kiss the cheekbone and follow the contours of your face for the perfect face frame!

11. Simple Finger Wave Updo

Simple Finger wave Updo

Photo credit: barebodyatelier

Luxe, Glam, and Sleek all describe this wedding hairstyle to the T! The fingerwaves give your wedding look a vintage flair that’s noticeable up close and from afar. For brides who want to keep their hair up and out of the way as they enjoy their day, this style is a no brainer!

12. Long Loose Curls

Long Loose Curls

Photo credit: encore_by_corey

Angelic long loose curls can make any bride feel like a million bucks. These beautiful curls grace the shoulders and cascade down the back, exuding luxury. The headpiece elevates the look by adding an aura of innocence and beauty. This is a style that any bride would look lovely in.

13. Low Textured Bun

Low Textured Bun

Photo credit: Bellanaija Weddings

Sometimes the best wedding hairstyles are the simplest ones. This low textured bun is absolutely gorgeous, showcasing the face of the bride and complementing virtually any look. Don’t forget to add your unique spin with a stylish accessory - clips, a crown, or a bridal head chain will work perfectly!

14. Bridal TWA

Bridal TWA

Photo credit: POPSUGAR

A Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) is a lovely option for brides who rock their hair short on the daily. You may not have thought of a TWA as a bridal hairstyle, but when you add a dainty headpiece like the one in the image above, things become clear. This bridal TWA is a winner all around!

15. Super Curly Low Bun

Super Curly Low Bun

Photo credit: LIVE & WED

This low bun is great for any bride who wants all the curls. In addition to the curls on each side of the head, it features a bun in the back made up of a mess of curls. The intricate look is topped off by a shiny floral headpiece.  

16. Curly High Bun

Curly High Bun

Photo credit: aprylweechthehairstudio

Just look at this beautiful bridal style! It’s as effortless as it is stunning. If easy styles are more your speed, you shouldn’t pass this one up! No stylist? No problem. All you need to do is gather your curls, secure them at the crown of your head, and pull out some curls on each side. #Winning!

17. Twist Braid Updo

Twist Braid Updo

Photo credit: Perfete

Who says braided styles and weddings don’t mix? Not us! This twist braid updo gives off the same luxurious look as non-braided hairstyles. The twists are styled in a way that frames the face and adds highly visible texture for a gorgeous overall look. Choose this style for your Big Day and you'll be the center of attention!

18. Crown Twist Braids

Crown Twist Braids

With these crown braids, you'll look like a Queen! The style is constructed with twist braids that wrap around your entire head and resemble a crown. The style has an ethereal quality that will make you feel as beautiful as you are.

19. Jumbo Low Bun with Curls

Jumbo Low Bun with Curls

Want a larger-than-life bridal style? You’ve found it! This is a jumbo low bun with curls and a golden tiara. It’s full of volume and oozes luxuriousness from every angle, and the cascading curls on the side accentuate your features and add a touch of femininity to the look. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle! 

20. Pixie Cut with Accessories

Pixie Cut with Accessories

This is a low-profile pixie that’s ideal for beauties with short hair. It’s styled in a feminine way with laid edges, soft curls in the crown area, and a delicate headpiece to finish it off. If you’re into short styles that highlight your cheekbones and jaw line, this is an excellent one to consider.

21. Chic Low Bun

Chic Low Bun

Elegant and classy, the chic low bun is a go-to wedding hairstyle for any woman. It’s basically a standard low ponytail with added extension hair that’s curled and pinned into formation. Add a decorative hair pin or tiara and you’re all set to walk down the aisle to your sweetheart.

22. High Puff

High Puff

High puffs are usually thought of as a casual protective style, but when it’s accessorized like this, it’s wedding ready! If you’d like to embrace your natural curls on your wedding day, this high puff adorned with a floral clip is just for you!

23. Flat Twist Halo Braids

Flat Twist Halo Braids

Photo Credit: themariaantoinette

Flat twist halo braids channel Greek style while adding a touch of sophistication to your special day. The softness of this look is what makes it stand out from other hairstyles. If that’s your speed, this is the style for you!

24. High Side Puff

High Side Puff

You can add a dash of attitude to your wedding day ensemble with a high side puff. It not only expresses your natural Blackness with style, but it also accentuates your shoulders, neck, and facial structure. And let us not forget those loose curls in the back that add a little bit of sexiness!

25. Twist Out Bob

Twist Out Bob

Photo Credit: Essence

A twist out bob is universally flattering and gives you all the texture and volume you need on your wedding day. And with your hair in a twist out, you have the ability to add whatever accessories you can think of - baby's breath, a gold floral clip, or a crown are all fair game.

26. Big Voluminous Curls

Big Voluminous Curls

If you’re into big, bold, luxe hairstyles, this one will be perfect for your wedding day. It’s more than curly hair - it’s got much more volume than you’d see on any given day. Choose this style to give yourself the gift of larger-than-life volume and unleash the boldness inside.

27. High and Low Puff

High and Low Puff

Are you looking for a wedding style that not everyone is rocking? Here’s one of them. This charming hairstyle is certainly on the edgy side, with both a high puff and a low puff. If you’re a risk taker, we encourage you to give this style a try.

28. Faux Loc Halo Braid

Faux Loc Halo Braid

There’s something very earthy and romantic about halo braids and locs. They both have a boho feel that’s very “in” right now. This wedding look is created by Dutch braiding faux locs into a spiral pattern and then adorning the braids with leaf-themed hair accessories. If you’re a lover of locs or faux locs, we encourage you not to pass this look up.

29. Pinned Up Twists

Pinned Up Twists

Twists never go out of style, and that’s because they’re gorgeous and versatile. This look features two-strand twists pinned up in the center of the head and flat twists going up the sides. The style is accented with a gorgeous wire floral piece. There’s no denying that this style is a winner!

30. High Bun with Top Swoop

High Bun with Top Swoop

Photo credit: Coils & Glory

There are fewer things that are more dainty and feminine than a high bun with hair jewelry. This high bun with a top swoop is sure to elevate your wedding look no matter which dress you decide on. We suggest you give this style a try if you want a natural, elegant look for your wedding.

31. Slick back

Slick back

Minimalism has taken the world by storm, and this is the ultimate minimalist wedding hairstyle! It features short slicked back hair accessorized with a beautiful crown. If you believe that less is more, this style may be perfect for you!

32. French Braided Low Bun

French Braided Low Bun

This is the low bun done differently. It features French braids that converge to create a cute low bun. The braids are decorated with a few small studs that add just the right touch. If you want a look that is sophisticated and elegant, this style would be ideal.

33. Long Side Fishtail Braid

Long Side Fishtail Braid

A long braid has a universal appeal, making women everywhere feel confident and pretty, and this image proves it! The hair is styled in a side swept manner and then braided into a distressed fishtail braid. You’ve never seen a wedding hairstyle like this before, and if you’re into unique looks, this one is a great choice.

34. Bubble Mohawk

Bubble Mohawk

Photo credit: curlycraze

The bubble mohawk is a wedding style that’s probably new to you. It requires styling your hair in a mohawk formation with bubble-like sections from the front of your head to the nape of your neck. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to try a style that not everyone has already tried.

35. Twist Braid Updo

Twist Braid Updo

Photo credit: DionneSmith

This beautiful twisted updo is unlike any wedding hairstyle you’ve ever seen before. It’s got intricate parting, twist braids, and a large bun in the back. All of these elements combine to create a beautiful style that’s perfect for any Black woman’s wedding day!

36. Short Twist Out 

Short Twist Out

We’re all for flaunting a short twist out for your wedding day. It looks simply gorgeous and will go with virtually any style of wedding attire. Add some glam with a jeweled headband or gold/silver floral clips and you’ll be looking fabulous and wedding aisle ready.

37. Blonde Updo with Wispy Bangs

Blonde Updo with Wispy Bangs

Do blondes have more fun? We’re not so sure about that, but one thing’s for sure - this blonde updo hairstyle is absolutely stunning. It’s got loads of texture and features wipsy face-framing bangs that add a ton of interest to the look. If you’ve always wanted to try blonde, give it a try with this bomb wedding style.

38. High Updo with Head Chain

High Updo with Head Chain

It’s amazing what the right hair accessory can do for your wedding look. This high updo is already gorgeous, but with the head piece, it just goes over the top! If you want to make a real statement on your wedding day, this is the style you want.

39. High Bun with Bangs

High Bun with Bangs

It can be hard to find wedding hairstyles with bangs, and we’re not sure why! Just look at this gorgeous high bun with bangs and a crown - it speaks for itself. Pair it with a modern wedding dress and some minimalist jewelry for a knockout look!

40. Pixie with Bangs and a Headband

Pixie with Bangs and a Headband

Short wedding styles look just as beautiful as long wedding hairstyles. This simple pixie features bangs with a very subtle curl at the ends and a bold headband for some extra flavor. With this elegant style, it’s easy to let your natural beauty shine through!

41. Super Defined Twist Out Updo 

Super Defined Twist Out Updo

Photo credit: A Practical Wedding

This ultra-defined twist out is an eccentric take on the traditional wedding updo. The natural hair is braided and then unraveled to create definition. Then, the hair is pinned up to give it an updo-like shape. If you want to style your hair in an uncommon way for your wedding, this style is the way to go!

42. Wash n’ Go with Clip

Wash n’ Go with Clip

Who knew that a simple wash n’ go could look so perfect for a wedding? The curls are defined and then pinned up on one side with an applique hair clip for a little bling. For anyone who wants to do their wedding day right, this style is a great option.

43. Giant Bun with Accessories

Giant Bun with Accessories

Photo credit: MunaluchiBridal

This giant bun hairstyle is perfectly in line with the expression "Go big or go home". If you’re all about going big for your big day, this style is it! It’s a super-sized low bun wrapped in lace and adorned with a super feminine headband. It’s sure to make you stand out.

44. Side Cornrows and Spiral Twists

Side Cornrows and Spiral Twists

Here’s another showstopper! Cornrows and two-strand twists combine to create a gorgeous updo that’s sure to impress. The style is adorned with a beautiful flower hair chain. Consider this style if you want to incorporate braids into your wedding look.

45. Box Braid Updo

Box Braid Updo

Box braids are much more than a casual look. They can be easily transformed for formal occasions with the right styling and accessories. For this stunning look, the box braids were twisted and pinned up and then adorned with a dainty hair clip. It gives off as much sophistication and elegance as any other wedding style.

46. Super Short Tapered Cut

Super Short Tapered Cut

A good wedding hairstyle doesn’t have to have long cascading locks or big voluminous buns. You can go in a totally different direction and rock your curls in a short taper cut. It puts your beautiful face on blast and won’t be ruined by the end of the day! Not only that, but you can accessorize the style with a cool veil or a stylish headband.

47. Straight Updo with Waves

Straight Updo with Waves

Photo Credit: Wedding Forward

This wedding updo is absolutely gorgeous, featuring pearl accents and thick bangs on each side of the head. It also features more tendrils near the back of the head for added charm. This style will look great on anyone and complement virtually any wedding dress or theme!

48. Short Bob with Bangs 

Short Bob with Bangs

A short bob with bangs is an excellent pick for any Black woman who wants a full face frame. With this particular bob, the bangs hit right below the brows while the rest of the hair in the front grazes the cheekbones. With this style, the focus will be all on your face. If that’s what you’re looking for, perhaps this is the look for you!

49. Colored Loc Bun

Colored Loc Bun

This loc style is feminine, full of texture, and perfect for any loc’d bride’s wedding. The locs are twisted toward the crown of the head and then arranged into this intricate bun and adorned with crystals. The style speaks for itself - it’ll elevate any wedding look. Whether you've got your hair loc'ed or want to recreate this look with faux locs, we strongly recommend it! 

50. Updo with Basket Weave

Updo with Basket Weave

Here’s a style worthy of a double-take! This is a straight updo featuring a tiara up top and a basket weave texture in the back that’s a whole lot of fun. If you want to keep it sleek in the front and super fun in the back, this style should be at the top of your list! 

How to Find the Best Wedding Style for you

All of the styles on this list are beautiful, and you may like several of them, but the reality is you only get to choose one. But how do you do that? We can help. Here are some suggestions for choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding: 

  • Choose your dress or wedding theme first and then consider your hair. If you haven’t yet chosen your wedding dress and theme, don’t make a decision on your hair yet. Instead, keep these styles in your back pocket and revisit them after you’ve done a bit more planning. Once you’ve picked your dress and theme, choose a style that’s complementary. For example, if you’re going for a rustic wedding theme, a messy updo with a dainty flower clip will look beautiful. Moreover, if you’ll be wearing a big puffy ball gown, you may want to go for a hairstyle with long curls or beach waves. 
  • Consider your comfort level. Do you mind having hair in your face? Can you handle wearing a heavy style all day? In what season will you be having your wedding? It’s important to ask yourself all of these questions when choosing your hairstyle. The answers will narrow down your options considerably. If you hate hair in your face, go for a pixie cut or high updo. For women who prefer a lightweight style, opt for a short option or skip the weave buns. For winter weddings, longer hairstyles will help keep you warmer. For summer weddings, you may want to keep your hair off your shoulders and face. 
  • Pick a style that’ll flatter your face shape. Not every style will look good on everyone - it’s the truth. So, we encourage you to pick a hairstyle that flatters your face shape. Here are some general guidelines:
  • Oval face shape - You can rock virtually any style: a short cut, long waves or curls, or a formal updo.
  • Diamond face shape - Hairdos that add height are best, including high buns and voluminous wash n’ gos and twist outs. You could also pull off most updos. 
  • Heart face shape - Ladies with heart shaped faces look best with longer hairstyles that have a bit of volume in the crown area. Mid-length to long voluminous waves or curls are a great option for you. Also, styles with a deep side part tend to work well.
  • Round face shape - To balance things out, choose a style that adds height or falls down your back.
  • For locs: Plan ahead - If you want to wear a loc style on your wedding day, it’s important to begin planning out and trying out different loc styles months prior. You’ll also need to talk to your loctician about when you’ll need to have your locs deep cleansed, dyed, or retwisted. Doing this will ensure that your locs are buildup-free, damage-free, and exactly how you want them as you walk down the aisle.

Your wedding is the day when you will be the center of attention, so you need a hairstyle that will make you feel amazing. Luckily, with all of the hairstyles and suggestions presented in this article, you're sure to find the one that's perfect for you!

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