Wigs with Bangs


    Wigs with bangs can drastically change your appearance with minimal effort and, depending on the shape/cut, they can frame your face to enhance your best features. Explore our wide selection of human hair wigs with bangs to change up your look.

    15 products

    15 products

    Reasons to Wear a Wig with Bangs

    Bangs can frame and flatter just about any face shape by shortening the forehead and drawing attention to features like your smile and cheekbones. When styled correctly, your bangs will give you a glowing complexion and make you look fun and youthful. Bangs can be styled for any occasion, and they look beautiful on women of all ages.

    Choose the Right Wigs with Bangs

    There are many more types of bangs, so you should take some time to find out which ones would best enhance your beauty.

    Curtain bangs look good on women with round faces because they add contour to the jawline.

    Micro bangs/baby bangs can enhance heart-shaped faces.

    Blunt bangs can flatter an oval face by drawing attention away from an elongated mouth and chin.

    Should You Get a Wig with Bangs?

    As beautiful as bangs are, one of their major drawbacks is the maintenance required to keep them looking healthy. Women who have had bangs before know the headache of having to visit the hair salon frequently to keep them trimmed and neat. Also, because they sit on the forehead, bangs tend to get greasy quicker than the rest of the hair. But, when you wear a wig with bangs there’s no need to worry.

    Bang Wigs are the Better Choice

    On the other hand, bang wigs don’t ever need to be trimmed, and they don’t need frequent wash sessions. A wig with bangs allows you to step out with confidence knowing that your hair will always look glamorous and freshly styled.

    Shop Human Hair Wigs with Bangs at XRSbeauty

    Bangs are so versatile – they can flatter any length, texture and color of hair, and the wigs with bangs available at XRS Beauty reflect this versatility. We offer a huge range of different bang styles, including full/blunt forehead bangs, layered/curtain bangs, and side bangs. We also stock wigs with bangs in all textures including straight, kinky and curly.

    Lace Types

    Our wigs with bangs come with 13x4 frontal lace to suit your needs and preferences:

    Brown lace will best suit women with medium to dark skin tones and help your wig to look as natural as possible.

    Transparent lace will help women with lighter skin create a seamless transition between the wig and their natural scalp.

    HD lace is the most versatile option for lace front wigs – it’s the thinnest lace available and it’s almost undetectable.


    The lace front on our wigs with bangs makes them indistinguishable from your real hair. So, you can have beautiful natural-looking hair with minimal effort - no plucking, no concealer, and no foundation. It seems too good to be true, but it’s not! The proof is in the reviews.

    Easy to Style

    The human hair wigs with bangs are so easy to style and retain their shape easily, giving you a ready-to-wear wig style. When you wear the wig you will notice how beautifully and soft it is, and you’ll experience minimal tangling or shedding.