About Us

Who we are

We are the top rated high-end human hair wig brand, dazzling customers at every turn. As a major player in the industry, we provide our customers with the highest quality 100% virgin human hair. You deserve nothing less than the best!
XRS Beauty wigs look completely natural and require very minimal, if any, prep. That’s why our customers keep coming back and leaving rave reviews! We also offer unbeatable customer service - we strive to leave each customer more than satisfied. After all, your satisfaction is our #1 priority.
We design and deliver premium human hair wigs for customers in the USA, Europe, and Africa. We have wigs for everyday occasions, special events, or even your big day! No matter where you’re going, you can count on us to get your perfect hair! 

Our Factory

Our factory has been open and in operation since 2013. Since then, we’ve focused on developing trend-focused wig designs using innovative wig technology. To ensure that every wig maintains the highest level of quality, we rely on the latest technological advances in wig-making, from hair harvesting and dyeing to weft fabrication and styling.
We have 200+ well-trained and experienced employees who work toward the singular goal of providing you the best wigs you can find anywhere. We also source the highest standard materials, including hair, lace, wefting material, and more.
At our factory, we have a strict manufacturing process to maintain quality assurance. So, you won’t have to worry about receiving defective units. 

Our Hair

Our hair is the absolute best you’ll find in the industry. It’s unprocessed Indian Remy human hair that’s soft, supple, and luxurious. Our wigs are meticulously crafted with superior workmanship and are always true to length, true to density, and long-lasting. Learn more about our hair here

Leading Products

Human hair wigs delivered by XRS Beauty are unlike any other wigs you’ve tried in the past. Our wigs are expertly constructed with top-quality materials and available in trendy style options. You’ll look and feel flawless everyday.

Clear Lace Wigs

Clear Lace human hair wigs
Clear Lace is a revolutionary all-new lace type that’s clear and blends seamlessly into your skin. It gives you a fantastic skin-melting experience, better than that of Swiss Lace, transparent lace, brown lace or any other lace type on the market. As you can see in the image below, the Clear Lace is invisible on the skin, which helps to make your wig look 100% natural, no matter your skin tone. Browse our Clear Lace Wigs here

Clean Hairline

Clean Hairline vs Normal Hairline
Clean hairline is a new hand-tied technique that simulates a bio-natural human hairline. It is a much more natural hairline than a normal pre-plucked hairline. The best thing about our Clean Hairline technology is that you will never need to pluck the hairline yourself. With a Clean Hairline, melting your wig into your skin will be easy and your wig will look very natural. Browse our Clean Hairline lace frontal wigs here

Our Community

The XRS Beauty community is made up of our customers, influencers, stylists, and staff - and we’re happy to report that the community is healthy and growing! Customers benefit from our superior wigs and helpful blog, influencers spread the word about our wigs online and in-person, and our stylists and wig-making staff ensure that the units are well-constructed and on-trend. Everyone wins! 

Our Influencers

We only choose honest influencers who understand wigs and love to communicate helpful information about them. They must also be wig experts and willing to share their opinions.
Influencer collaboration is not just about promoting our hair, but letting everyone who is interested in our wigs know everything about our hair, such as how to choose the right wig and how to best wear it.
We will never try to con our influencers or customers. Some wig companies may send high-quality wigs to influencers and then offer lower-quality wigs to the customers. This dishonest, short-sighted approach hurts everyone, and XRS Beauty will never do that.
We believe in the power of our brand, which was embedded in our genes from the first day XRS Beauty was launched.

Our Stylists

We work closely with talented hair stylists to produce customized wigs for our customers. All of our stylists are certified and ready to give you exactly what you want in a wig, whether it be a custom cut, color, or even a professional lace install. The possibilities are endless!
Our stylists offer discounts if you use XRS Beauty Hair, and our stylists get a unique discount code if their customers shop from us.
To find an XRS Beauty certified stylist near you, use our wig install near me locator. In seconds, you’ll be able to view a list of stylists so you can reach out to them for a professional wig install or any other wig service. 

Our Customers

Our customers are extremely important to us. So, we take great care to make the shopping process easy and make ourselves available to answer any questions you have before or after you get your XRS Beauty wig. Our customers absolutely love us, not just because of the fact that we provide exceptional wigs, but also because we take customer requests seriously and put our best foot forward when it comes to customer service. We give back to our customers via discounts, free shipping, hassle-free refund and return, and a free blog with helpful information for how to install, style, and maintain your wigs. 

XRS Beauty Mission

At XRS Beauty, our mission is to make women everywhere feel as beautiful as they are inside. And we work to accomplish that mission every day by consistently providing exceptional quality wigs that make them look and feel their best. Customer satisfaction drives everything we do. 

XRS Beauty Promises

We promise to make and deliver the best human hair wigs you’ve ever seen, so that you can try out all the latest trends and have a good hair day every day. We are your one-stop shop when you want to buy top-notch wigs.