Have you ever wished your wig could blend seamlessly with your scalp and hairline? Our Clear Swiss Lace and Clean Hairline wigs do just that! XRS Beauty Clear Lace & Clean Melted Hairline Wigs are a new and improved version of standard Pre Plucked Swiss lace wigs. They are designed with 13x6 Ear-to-Ear clear swiss lace that visibly melts into your scalp and a simulated hairline that blends completely into your own!

    9 products

    9 products

    Our New Clear Lace & Clean Melted Hairline Wigs are truely undetectable skin melt Swiss lace wigs. These wigs look so natural that you’d have a hard time convincing someone that it’s a wig. These high-end yet affordable Swiss lace front wigs demand attention and will have you turning heads while you’re out and about. 

    What is Clear Lace?

    clear lace

    Like the name suggests, Clear Lace is an improved Swiss lace that’s truely transparent and truely see-through, instead of brown or beige. When worn, the clear Swiss lace is virtually invisible, making your wig look 100% natural. Clear lace is perfect for all skin tones, and you won’t have to take any extra steps to make the lace blend with your scalp (like applying foundation to the lace).  

    What is Clean Melted Hairline?

    Clean Melted Hairline is a improved pre-plucked hairline that mimics your natural hairline. It’s hand-customized to melt into your natural hairline. 

    Clear Lace & Clean Melted Hairline Wig Benefits 

    Now that you know what Clear Swiss Lace and Clean Melted Hairline wigs are, let’s get into some of the reasons why these wigs are turning the wig industry upside down! 

    Natural Results

    Our Melted Clean Hairline and Clear Lace technology enhances the natural look of our lace front and deep part wigs. After opening the box and putting on the wig, you’ll be surprised at just how natural the hairline looks. Even when you look up close, you won’t be able to tell it’s a wig. Customers are raving about how they don’t have to do anything to their Clear Lace/Clean Hairline wigs to make them look Instagram-ready. 

    No Makeup or Plucking Needed

    With Clear Lace and Clean Melted Hairline, there’s no need to pluck or add makeup to the wig to help it blend in with your scalp and hairline. The hairline of your wig will look even more natural than pre-plucked hairlines. 

    100% Virgin Human Hair 

    One of the best things about our Clear Lace and Clean Melted Hairline wigs is that they’re made from 100% virgin human hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, they can withstand heat styling, coloring/bleaching, and more.

    Length and Density Choices

    With length options from 14 to 32 inches, and density from 150% to 250%, you can customise your wig to your look and choose the length that fits you best. If you want your wig to have a lot of volume, choose a higher density percentage

    Our Clear Swiss Lace & Clean Melted Hairline wigs are most loved by our customers, who state that the wig melts right into their skin, the hair is silky smooth, and the density is just right. But the most common feedback we get is that Clean Melted Hairline wigs are the best wigs they’ve ever bought! If you want a top quality natural wig that slays right out of the box, this is the wig type you should reach for!