10 Best Lace Front Wigs: The Best Choices on the Market

best lace front wigs

Whether you prefer flirty, fun tresses or a classic, refined look, the lace front wig is a popular and exciting way to switch up your style on short notice. Of course, nothing ruins that excitement faster than placing an order and receiving a wig on your doorstep that fails to deliver on quality.

Have you ever bought a “premium quality human wig” only to be disappointed by a synthetic blend? Tired of being fooled by pictures of full, voluminous wigs, then later frustrated as your wig arrives with low density?

If these scenarios sound familiar to you, look no further - this guide will help you ease those lace front woes. Learn what qualities to look out for to choose the best lace fronts as you shop, and take a look at 10 of the best lace front wig choices on the market.

What Makes a Good Lace Front Wig?

First, let’s establish how you normally choose the look that’s right for you. Do you routinely find your favorite social media influencer and copy the hottest trend? Are you more prone to scrolling through doctored photos on hair sites until you find the perfect pick?

Either way, chances are you aren’t taking the time to study the quality of your selection. Here are a few factors that separate average lace wigs from their top-notch, premium quality contenders. 

1. Human Hair

For a long lasting, realistic look, make sure that your wig is created using human hair. (Not synthetic or any other variation of the sort.) While synthetic hair showcases a plastic resemblance and excessive shine, when worn correctly, human hair blends well and flows in a believable fashion. Here are the two types of premium materials for human hair lace front wigs:

Virgin Hair

  • Best type of human hair available
  • Never touched by chemicals of any kind
  • Never processed
  • Pristine cuticles that run in the same direction
  • Can be dyed, bleached and processed like your own hair

Remy Hair

  • One step below virgin hair, but still amazing quality
  • Also has cuticles that run in the same direction - will not tangle
  • Has been chemically processed for texture or coloring purposes

2. Lace Type

After you’ve decided on which luxurious hair type is perfect for your crown, the next step is to decide on the type of lace you want to use. This is just as important as the texture of hair you choose – good lace will provide you with the realistic look you wish to achieve. A wig with bad, visible lace will immediately let others know that your hair piece is fake.

You want to be sure that your lace is durable - easy to cut, yet hard to tear. Also, you want to be sure that the lace is easy to melt down. (Melting your lace makes it blend in undetectably with your hairline. Just add your product of choice, or try using wrap strips, and watch the lace literally disappear!) Here are the best lace for wigs in the market:

Clear Lace

  • Best lace type - an improved version of HD & Swiss lace
  • Most undetectable
  • Very easy to melt on any skin tone
  • Long-lasting
  • Great for beginners

HD Lace

  • See through and transparent (not to be confused with transparent lace)
  • Short for ‘high definition’
  • Once referred to as ‘Thinner Swiss lace’ - the newer, improved version
  • Invisible on most skin

Swiss Lace

  • The more durable option
  • Soft to touch
  • Available with several color options
  • Great choice for wig beginner

3. True to Length

Whether you like short, sassy styles, or alluringly long hairdos, consistency is key. Have you ever ordered a wig and noticed that the length of the pieces of hair were not the same? Some wig creators mix long strands of hair with short pieces, giving an uneven look. You want to be sure that your wig is true to length and that all strands of hair match.

4. True to Density

All wigs are not the same when it comes to density. The density of your wig will be listed as a percentage, letting you know how much hair to expect on the hair piece. If a wig has high density, it will appear to be full and voluminous. With a lower density, your wig will have a thinner appearance.

Wig density usually ranges from super light, around 60%, to very heavy, around 250%. Most lace front wearers choose somewhere between 150%-200%, medium to heavy density. These percentages are quite similar to the average hairline density of a typical human head. Whether you prefer low or high density, be sure that the description of the wig you choose is honest about its thickness. 

5. Natural Hairline

The next step is to consider the hairline of your wig. You want to go for a natural, seamless look. If the hairline is too thick, the wig will look fake. In the description, search for the terms “pre-plucked” or “clean” in reference to its hairline.

With a “pre-plucked” or “clean” option, you will notice that the hairline has been plucked to resemble a real head of hair. The density at the edge of the wig will be lower in the same fashion of your natural hairline.

While they are slightly more expensive, the extra bucks are worth the realistic look. You will be glad when the simulated hairline blends perfectly into your own for a professional finish.

6. The Cost

Of course, you don’t have to break the bank to find a lace wig of great quality. At the same time, it would not be wise to simply pick the cheapest option and hope for the best. Most lace front wigs range anywhere between $100-$600. Exclusive, celebrity-inspired pieces may cost up to $1,000. The quality usually improves with a higher price bracket. 

Best Clear Lace Front Wigs

Clear lace front wigs are one of the best lace front wigs for several reasons. The sheer material of the lace gives an invisible finish along your hairline, leaving you with a convincing look. This is perfect if you like to wear your hair away from your face, whether pinned styles of the all purpose ponytail.

Clear lace works perfectly with any skin tones, women of all shades can enjoy this kind of wig. The hair knots on the clear lace wigs are pre-bleached for your convenience. By properly gluing down and melting your hairline, you will certainly
appreciate such a flawless finish.

Providing full coverage from temple to temple, each hair strand on your clear lace wig is knotted individually by hand. This is why no matter the style, your hairline will always appear to be natural. Here are 3 beautiful, premium quality clear lace wigs that will leave you feeling fierce and fabulous!

1. Silky Straight 13x6 Undetectable Skin Melt Human Hair Lace Front Wig


With clear lace and a clean hairline, the XRSBeauty Silky Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wig will leave others wondering how you achieved such a gorgeous look.

With 3 density selections to choose from - 150%, 200%, and 250% - the free flowing, silky tresses give a full, voluminous appearance. Available with a variety of selections for length, from 16 to 32 inches, you’ll easily find the option that fits your styling needs. Choose between a natural finish, #2 for a cool-toned dark brown, or #4 for a dark, golden brown.

This lace wig arrives pre-plucked with bleached knots for your convenience. You can leave the hair straight, or choose to dye, curl, or style this wig to create a true masterpiece. With lace that melts easily, you’ll be showing off your new beautiful hair in no time.

2. Body Wave 13x6 Undetectable Human Hair Clear Lace Front Wig


The XRSBeauty Body Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig showcases trendy, all-purpose tresses with a gorgeously loose, wavy finish. Also available from 150%-250% density, this look is soft to touch, full of volume and easy to manage. Choose between 3 timeless shades for the hue that’s just right for you. 

With little shedding, your wig will arrive true to the thickness you desire. Any selection, from 16-32 inches, will leave you with beautifully convincing, beach-ready waves. You will also appreciate the clear lace and clean hairline, pre-plucked for a natural look that blends seamlessly with your scalp.

3. Deep Wave 13x6 Clean Melted Hairline Lace Front Wig


Created to deliver a stunning ripple, wavy texture, you will fall in love with the XRSBeauty Deep Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig. Also presenting clear lace and a pre-plucked, clean hairline, finding where your scalp meets your wig will be impossible for others! 

Each density selection will provide you with thick, deep waves for a glamorous, celebrity-inspired look. From 16 to 32 inches, each wig arrives true to length. All 3 of our color choices - natural, #2, and #4 - will leave you pleased with your new realistic look. Ready to wear “one of the best lace fronts you have ever tried?” Listen to our satisfied customers and try these gorgeously silky tresses!

Best HD Lace Front Wigs

Made with delicate, thin, highly transparent lace, HD lace front wigs will leave you with an undetectable hairline with every style. With HD lace, you can leave your hairline exposed for a natural finish with no worries. Because of the thin lace, when applied it becomes invisible.

HD lace wigs can also be styled and parted however you please, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different looks. You can also opt to wear this style of wig without using glue if it is your preference. Take a look at the top 2 HD lace wigs. 

4. Wet & Wavy Bob 2-in-1 HD Lace Front Wig


For a short, edgy style that provides unmatched styling versatility, the XRSBeauty Wet & Wavy Bob Lace Front Human Hair Wig is an awesome choice. As you wear your new wig, you will enjoy having two beautiful looks to choose from.

When you first receive your lace front, its Italian Yaki straight-style tresses are ready for wear. Want a different look? Simply add water and watch your hair transform into a signature wavy, curly look. With undetectable, pre-tint HD lace, the hair easily convinces others that it is your own.

Available from 10 to 16 inches, every wig is made true to length and true to density. Choose between 150%-200% for a full, ravishing look that won’t disappoint. 

5. Italian Yaki Straight 13x5 HD Lace Front Wig


The XRSBeauty Italian Yaki Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wig showcases a highly realistic, kinky blow-out texture for a believable finish. With its layered edge pre-plucked hairline, the wig blends so well that you will forget that you are wearing it! If you love thick, luxurious tresses, this style is perfect for you.

The glueless cap includes adjustable straps for your comfort. Style or dye the 100% virgin human hair to create any style you want. Choose between 3 density options, with lengths ranging between 14-32 inches, for a look matches your styling preference.

Best Bob Lace Front Wigs

For decades, the alluring bob haircut continues to remain at the forefront of haute couture for several reasons. Because of its unique geometric shape, this hairstyle frames your face to enhance your features. Easy to style and low maintenance, it is wonderful for delivering tons of sass and spunk without all the fuss.

Working just like a facelift for a fraction of the price, the bob better defines those cheekbones and leaves you with a jawline to die for. Your eyes even appear to be bigger and you’ll certainly love a taller, slimmer appearance due to a visually stretched neck and torso. Best of all, there are dozens of ways to wear a bob! Here are 2 bob haircuts that are sure to turn heads.  

6. Straight Clip-In Peekaboo Highlights Hair Bob Lace Front Wig


For a timeless look that you can switch up as you please, the XRSBeauty Magic Ball Straight Clip-In Bob Lace Front Human Hair Wig is the next addition you should add to your wig wardrobe. With naturally layered edges,  you will fall in love with your new realistic hairline.

This beautiful wig comes with 4 color clip-ins allowing you to change your style whenever you like. If you wish, you can leave your color additions out as you go to work, then clip in purple, blue or even green, as you head to your fun evening activities. Women of all skin tones can wear this 100% human hair wig believably -  the glueless cap and adjustable straps ensure your comfort as well.

7. Yaki Texture Asymmetric Bob Lace Front Wig


For a classic, professional look with a texture similar to your own, the XRSBeauty Yaki Texture Asymmetric Bob Lace Front Human Hair Wig  is just what you need. This silky smooth, chestnut brown selection looks amazing straight, crimped, curled, or bumped - whatever your stylistic preference is, you can achieve it!

Whether 150% or 180% density, you will enjoy your new full, long-lasting tresses. The 14-inch length will frame your face perfectly, its frontal lace giving you full coverage to confidently don your new hairdo.

Best Colored Lace Front Wigs

Today’s styling trends are based on how well you are able to stand out from the crowd with a jaw-dropping flair all your own - colored wigs are popular for this very reason. Once seen as unprofessional, this new color explosion in the haircare realm gives you the chance to mold and shape your style into a colorful, unique finish without fear of judgment.

8. Honey Blonde Ombre Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig


Remember the “Blondes Have More Fun” hair color campaign by Clairol - time to put it to the test! Bring out your inner diva with the XRSBeauty Honey Blonde Ombre Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wig. Presenting full, natural, luxuriously golden tresses that are 100% human, your friends and loved ones will be asking what salon you went to for such a gorgeous look.

With pre-plucked baby hair and dark, natural roots, this wig melts so well that it will appear to be growing from your own scalp. Choose anywhere from 14 to 24 inches for a sassy shoulder-length switch-up or a longer look. You’ll be thrilled when your wig arrives true to 150% or 200% density, soft to touch with absolutely no smell.

9. Highlight Ombre Brown Body Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig


Enjoy silky, soft hair enhanced by stunning highlights with the XRSBeauty Highlight Ombre Brown Body Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig. Arriving with pre-plucked, bleached knots, simply melt for a seamless hairline and go!

True to length and density, each evenly placed, silky strand falls beautifully whether 14 inches, 24 inches, or somewhere in between. This 13x4 frontal uses 100% human hair throughout with loose, wavy curls for a long-lasting, lavish look that is sure to please.

Best Wet and Wavy Lace Front Wig

10. HD Lace Wet & Wavy 3-in-1 Human Hair Lace Front Wig


Made of 100% human virgin hair, switch between your favorite timeless looks with the XRS Beauty HD Lace Wet & Wavy 3-in-1 Human Hair Lace Front Wig. Choose to wear your hair straight, or add water for gorgeously deep waves and crinkles. Showcasing layered edges and HD lace for a flawless finish, you will be amazed at how well this unit blends into your skin.

Select a length from 10 to 22 inches to customize how your tresses fall. With 3 possible density selections, 150%, 200%, and 250%, enjoy wearing your full, voluminous new wig without fear of shedding.

How Did We Create the Best Lace Front Wigs List?

Several factors contribute to the way we select the best lace front wigs on the market. Here’s how we are able to compose our lists:

Hair Materials: We only select wigs that are of premium quality. Each unit is true to length and density, carries no unusual smell, uses 100% human hair, and provides a seamless, realistic melt.

Natural Looking: Each hair unit will appear to be your own hair when properly installed. Layered edges and top quality lace leave you with a realistic finish.

Beginner Friendly: Whether you are a lace wig connoisseur or just getting started wearing them, each wig listed is beginner-friendly. Even novice wig wearers can install these units easily.

Price: While the most expensive lace fronts can cost up to $1,000 or more, we’ve carefully selected units that deliver on quality while being budget friendly.

Professional: We send each of our listed units to our corporate stylist for a professional opinion.

Influencer Approved: We also consider the opinions of hair influencers with years of experience.

Reviews: Our customers matter most, which is why we’ve also based this list on our real client reviews. The units that have the most ratings with the highest scores are listed.

The Bottom Line

As you make your final decision, be sure that your selection is true to density and length, uses premium quality lace, and leaves you with an unnoticeable hairline. Be sure that there is little to no shedding with no traces of a bad smell.

Whether short, long, classy, or edgy, this list will help you find a lace front that truly embodies your own personal style. Want more options? With over 100 selections to choose from, find the perfect human hair lace front wig here at XRS Beauty!


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