Our Hair Materials

Highest Grade Premium Virgin Human Hair

Indian Virgin Human Hair: At XRS Beauty, we take pride in using only unprocessed Indian virgin human hair for our wigs. Our Indian virgin hair is the highest quality human hair that you can get. It is tangle-resistant, full of body, and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. It’s also soft, shiny, and available in very long lengths, enabling us to provide you with long glam wigs that are full from root to tip. In addition, our hair has a silky smooth texture that can be altered with heat styling, roller sets, color, and more. Our Indian human hair is "premium" on every level.

Brazilian Virgin Hair: For custom request orders, we do offer Brazilian Virgin Hair Wigs. Brazilian virgin hair offers tons of styling versatility, high density, and a natural look. It has a coarser texture than other extension types, which helps it blend with coarser natural hair types. Our Brazilian hair is also durable and long-lasting with proper care.

Virgin human hair is widely sought after for its many benefits. It’s chemical-free, unlike non-virgin hair that goes through chemical treatments and cuticle stripping to alter its texture. Also, with virgin human hair, all of the hair cuticles are undisturbed and move in one direction, which makes it strong and resistant to tangles, with minimal shedding. It also offers you unlimited style and color options. But the most important benefit of virgin human hair is that it looks as natural as your own hair, full and lustrous, with natural flow and movement. And as a bonus, it lasts for months to years and is easy to maintain. 

Highest Stand Quality Assurance and Hair Craft Technique

When it comes to making good wigs, it’s not just about high-quality materials and fine workmanship, but also about equipment conditions, manpower, trimming techniques, and R&D design. Unlike the majority of wig suppliers on the market, we have our own factory, which allows us to have full control over the quality of the wigs.

A wig goes through dozens of processes during its production. A lace front wig takes at least 3-5 days to complete, while a full lace wig takes 7-10 days to complete. We have strict quality controls in place for each process. With a talented team of professional technicians with years of experience, we are in charge of raw material collection and selection, hair selection and layout, and trimming and design. 

XRS Beauty vs Others Hair Company

XRS Beauty Hair Others

XRS Beauty Hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair

All of the cuticles are left intact to preserve the quality of the hair.

  • The cuticles all face the same direction. 
  • The hair is unprocessed, unstripped, and hasn’t been altered in any way. 
  • No synthetic hair fibers are used in our wigs.

Other Hair May Be Made of Questionable Components

  • Other hair may be mixed with synthetic materials.
  • Some other hair companies claim that their hair is 100% Remy human hair when it isn’t. It may come from multiple heads of hair, go through chemical processing, or even incorporate animal hair.

XRS Beauty Hair is True to Length

  • The length you expect is the length you get. 
  • Our hair is thick from roots to ends for both everyday looks and full glam styles. 
  • We don’t mix in short hairs - we use long hairs to bring you wigs that are true to length.

Other Hair May Be Shorter Than Advertised

  • When you get your hair home and measure it, you’ll notice that it isn’t long enough and looks thin at the ends.
  • Often, other hair manufacturers use many different lengths of hair to bring costs down.

XRS Beauty Hair is True to Density

  • We never skimp on density. If you order a 250% density wig, that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

Other Hair May Be Less Dense Than Expected

  • Often, other hair manufacturers claim that their wig is of a certain density, then you get it home and realize that it’s not.

XRS Beauty Hair Is Long-Lasting

  • Due to the superior quality of our hair, it lasts for up to a year with regular maintenance. 
  • The hair will remain soft, manageable, and beautiful throughout its life.

Other Hair Doesn’t Last

  • Other hair from low-quality sources may not last longer than a few weeks. After that time, the hair may start to shed, tangle, break, and look frizzy. 
  • Other hair may begin to tangle and become unmanageable after just a few wears, deeming it unusable.

XRS Beauty Hair Maintains Its Look and Feel After Being Restyled

  • Our hair can be restyled often and won’t lose its luster, softness, or texture. 
  • You can color our hair without the fear of ruining it.

Other Hair Doesn’t Stand Up to Multiple Styling Sessions

  • Other hair may begin to fray and dry out after  coloring or applying heat to it. This reduces the longevity of the hair.

Virgin Hair vs 100% Human Hair

Virgin hair is the highest quality human hair on the market. The main characteristic of Virgin hair is that it is collected directly from people’s head with all of the hair cuticles going in one direction. Due to this, Virgin hair is naturally resistant to tangles and is easy to manage and style. Another thing to know about Virgin hair is that the cuticles are left unstripped, which keeps the structure of the hair undisturbed. Virgin hair is also unprocessed after collection, ensuring longevity. For these reasons, Virgin hair costs more than normal human hair.

Non-remy hair is also human hair, but it is harvested from more than one person’s head, so the hair cuticles face both directions. Because of this misalignment, non-remy hair is prone to tangling and matting. The cuticles may also be stripped and then coated in silicone to make the hair appear shiny and healthy. But once that silicone coating is washed away, the dry, brittle, tangly nature of the hair will be revealed. Due to these drawbacks, non-remy hair is much cheaper than Virgin hair.