Headband Wigs


    Are you a wig newbie? Human hair headband wigs are the perfect choice for anyone who is new to wearing wigs. They are easy to install and painless to remove. Not only that, but they complement casual and semi-formal outfits like a dream!

    19 products

    19 products

    What is a Headband Wig?

    A headband wig is a half-wig designed to be worn with a headband. There are usually combs in the front and back of the wig to ensure that it fits securely. Some wig makers also sew the wig onto a headband so you won’t have to buy one separately. This type of wig is only worn on the back of your head, so you will have to style the front half of your hair.

    The Amazing Benefits of Headband Wigs

    Headband wigs come with a ton of great benefits for wearers. Let’s explore them in the sections below.

    Easy to Wear

    Headband wigs are, by far, the easiest wigs to apply. So, if you’ve never worn a wig before, a headband wig can help you transition into the world of wigs.

    Low Cost

    Another benefit of headband wigs is that they are inexpensive. Since headband wigs are not full wigs, you’ll see that reflected in the price. While full wigs often cost hundreds of dollars, you can easily find a human hair headband wig for around $100.


    It takes just a couple of minutes to apply your headband wig. If you normally style your natural hair everyday, switching to a headband wig will shave valuable time off of your morning routine, which is super convenient.

    Styling Options

    A headband wig gives you a few styling options that you may not have realized. You can pull it into a low ponytail, double low ponytails, buns, or even a high ponytail depending on the spacing of the hair wefts and the texture of the wig hair.

    How to Put on a Headband Wig

    Wearing a headband wig is super easy - just follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Flatten your hair. Make sure that your natural hair is flat so that it will fit under the headband wig. The best way to do this is to brush your natural hair straight back and put it into a low ponytail.

    Step 2: Put on a wig cap. Put on a wig cap to hold your hair in place. Doing so will create a flat surface for your wig to sit upon.

    Step 3: Style your edges. Use a small brush and some gel or edge control to style your edges however you’d like. Styled edges add a touch of glam to your headband wig style.

    Step 4: Secure your headband wig. Put the headband wig on the back half of your head and use the combs to secure.

    XRS Beauty Headband Wigs are the Best

    XRS Beauty is home to some of the best human hair headband wigs on the market. Keep reading to find out why. 

    Best materials: We use only top-quality virgin hair to make our headband wigs. So, you can expect your wig to be soft, supple and naturally shiny. 

    Natural Look: Our headband wigs look extremely natural because the hair comes from human donors. When you wear an XRS Beauty human hair headband wig, others will have no idea that it’s not your natural hair. 

    Affordable price: Considering the superior quality of the wig’s materials and workmanship, our price can’t be beat. Our headband wigs are affordable on virtually any budget. 

    Long-lasting: You can expect your headband wig to last for up to a year or longer with proper care. Styling versatility: You can style, dye, or even bleach XRS Beauty wigs. This gives you a ton of styling versatility. The sky’s the limit!

    Explore our headband wigs to transform your look today!