Headband Wigs


    Human hair headband wigs are perfect for a lavish look with quick and easy application, they complement casual and semi-formal outfits like a dream. Not only do they provide a chic, protective style with a lightweight fit, but you can also style them in several stunning ways throughout the week. You’ll enjoy a taste of Beverly Hills glamor on your head for a fraction of the price! Shop the latest headband wigs at XRS Beauty!

    19 products

    19 products

    What is a Headband Wig?

    A headband wig is a half-wig designed to be worn with a headband. There are usually combs in the front and back of the wig to ensure that it fits securely. Some wig makers also sew the wig onto a headband so you won’t have to buy one separately. This type of wig is only worn on the back of your head, so you will have to style the front half of your hair.

    Why Headband Wigs

    Great for Beginners

    Are you a wig newbie, frightened by your lack of skills and the potential of ruining a brand new hair unit? Looking to try a wig for the first time? Headband wigs are great for dipping your feet in the pond of wig wear - they are the easiest wig style to put on. Let go of your worries of not being a wig professional. With headband wigs, enjoy quick application and easy wear with even quicker removal. Just set those wig combs and off you go!


    If you want to enjoy a brand new luxurious, salon-quality look without breaking the bank, headband wigs are the way to go. Because they aren’t full wigs, they cost less. You’ll be happy that you get to experience a hair unit with premium quality 100% human hair tresses without paying a pretty penny.


    Whether you spend your days rushing from one event to the next or prefer a more laid-back lifestyle, you still shouldn’t have to waste extra time on styling your hair daily if you have a wig for convenience. With a headband wig, all you need is a few minutes to properly apply and style your hair unit. If you are accustomed to tussling with your hair for hours before you head out, relax and enjoy some extra sleep each morning with this wig style at your fingertips.


    Headband wigs also provide lots of styling options. From cascading curls or a tight elegant bun, to low single or double ponytails, you will enjoy having several options for your new hairdo. Switch your style to match your mood - from natural and chill or sophisticated and office-friendly, to glamorous date night vibes, you’ll be ready for anything!

    You’ll also be able to switch your headband with each style, allowing you to flawlessly coordinate with each of your outfits. Attached headbands usually come in neutral tones like black or white, which are also great for pairing with any wardrobe choice.


    While traditional wigs can be bulky and uncomfortable at times, the headband wig is lightweight. This makes it perfect for all day wear, allowing you to show off your new style without discomfort. The wig combs help you to avoid unnecessary tension on your scalp and headaches. Enjoy a breathable, sweat-proof fit as you wear your new unit.

    Protective Hairstyle

    Even though the headband wig is not a full wig, the cap provides full protection to your natural hair. Tucked securely underneath your new unit, you will have a secure fit with no slipping. With no extra chemicals, glues, or adhesives required, your edges will appreciate a break. Leave out as little or as much hair as you’d like and remove stress from your follicles with a stylish flair

    XRS Beauty Offer You the Best Headband Wigs

    XRS Beauty is home to some of the best human hair headband wigs on the market. Keep reading to find out why. 

    Best materials: We use only top-quality virgin hair to make our headband wigs. So, you can expect your wig to be soft, supple and naturally shiny. 

    Natural Look: Our headband wigs look extremely natural because the hair comes from human donors. When you wear an XRS Beauty human hair headband wig, others will have no idea that it’s not your natural hair. 

    Affordable price: Considering the superior quality of the wig’s materials and workmanship, our price can’t be beat. Our headband wigs are affordable on virtually any budget. 

    Long-lasting: You can expect your headband wig to last for up to a year or longer with proper care. Styling versatility: You can style, dye, or even bleach XRS Beauty wigs. This gives you a ton of styling versatility. The sky’s the limit!

    Explore our headband wigs to transform your look today!