Blonde Wigs


    XRS Beauty blonde wigs are made with 100% human hair in beautiful styles, shades and lengths. Our blonde human hair pair beautifully with your skin tones, instantly add youthfulness and brightness to your look, while still looking natural and wearable. 

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    All our blonde wigs are made with 100% virgin human hair, which means they can be styled and washed as though they were your real hair.

    We use premium swiss lace to match your chosen shade. This makes the blonde wig look incredibly realistic as the lace front melts seamlessly against your skin to look exactly like your real scalp.

    Yes, our blonde wigs is pre-plucked and bleached, making our wigs ideal for beginners. We offer you glossy blonde hair with minimal effort.

    Yes, we offer a huge range of shades, lengths, styles etc in our collection of blonde wigs. No matter your skin tone or personal preference, we have a blonde wig that will look beautiful on you and allow you to truly and freely express yourself

    Since our blonde wigs are made with human hair, it’s important to make sure it’s kept well-hydrated. Deep conditioning treatments will go a long way to keeping your blonde wig looking healthy and shiny.

    Investing in a good toner and purple shampoo will lengthen the life span of your blonde wig and ensure that unwanted tones (especially orange and yellow) are minimized

    Blonde hair is beautiful, but it can be damaging and requires a lot of maintenance. Choosing a XRS Beauty blonde wig allows you to reap the benefits of going blonde without the damage, frequent trips to the salon, and the large price tag.