Best 18 Burgundy Hair Color Ideas You Want to Try Right Now

When it comes to updating your look, nothing beats changing your hair color. But what happens when you grow tired of the usual reds, blondes, blacks, and browns? If you’re searching for your next favorite shade, we urge you to try burgundy! It’s sultry, edgy, and surprisingly wearable! However, burgundy comes in an overwhelming number of shades. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best burgundy hair colors and give you all the info you need to choose between them!

Burgundy Hair Inspiration

Burgundy hair comes in a variety of stunning shades and styles. Whether you want to keep it subtle and classic or you’re looking for a more edgy take, there’s definitely a look for you. Here are some of our favorite burgundy looks to help you get started.

1. Reddish Burgundy Lob

Reddish Burgundy Wavy Lob

Do you have a warmer complexion? If so, this reddish burgundy lob is a great way to highlight your skin and give you a more golden glow. The deep red shade instantly brightens up your face and adds just the right amount of edge to your look. Want to take things up another notch? Spice up the style with some beautiful waves.

2. Fire Engine Red With Burgundy Lowlights

Fire Engine Red With Burgundy Lowlights

Look no further if you’re searching for a hairstyle that demands attention! This stunning look combines bright, fire engine red locks with dimension adding burgundy lowlights. The result? A unique look that's sure to turn heads wherever your go.

3. Dark Burgundy Balayage

Dark Burgundy Balayage

One of the easiest ways to incorporate burgundy locks into your look is with subtle, natural-looking balayage highlights. The soft contrast between your natural and lightened shades helps the burgundy seamlessly blend into your hair. And since it's balayage, it's super low maintenance and easy to care for!

4. Berry Burgundy Crimps

 Berry Burgundy Crimps

Burgundy hair looks terrific on any texture of hair. But there’s something about pairing it with wild, perfectly undone crimps that can elevate the entire look to the next level. Try playing around with different shades of red, purple, and burgundy to add a subtle dimension to your style. Either way, don’t forget to slick down your baby hairs! That’ll add a little more visual interest and help glam up the look.

5. Sangria

Sangria curly hair

What’s better than an ice-cold, freshly poured glass of sangria? This perfectly balanced shade captures the rich, bold color of sangria and helps you translate that into a wonderfully distinctive style. The soft curls help add a little glamor to the look and prevent your color from looking too bold. And when your hair is this spectacular, keep your makeup on the simple side. That’ll prevent your overall look from being too busy and keep the attention on your stunning locks.

6. Red Velvet

Red Velvet curls

There’s something undeniably indulgent about this cake-inspired hair color. Red velvet locks are a little redder than traditional burgundy hair colors and help add a little more warmth to the shade. There’s a slightly metallic tinge to these red velvet curls, so make sure you play that up with plenty of glimmery golden highlighter.

7. Garnet

Garnet long body wave hair

We just can’t get over how perfectly polished these garnet barrel curls look. The deep, rich color perfectly accentuates the curls and helps take the otherwise traditional look to the next level. And although the color is attention-grabbing, the muted purple hue means it wouldn’t look too out of place in a work setting. This hairstyle is all about glamour, so make sure you preserve your ‘do with a few spritzes of humidity-blocking spray.

8. Burgundy Goddess Locs

Burgundy Goddess Locs

Natural hairstyles, like these goddess locs, look absolutely incredible with burgundy hair. Although the color is already outstanding as it is, you can up the glamor factor with some golden hair accessories. The warm metallics play up the warm red undertones and make you look like a golden goddess.

9. Candy Apple Red With Burgundy Lowlights

Candy Apple Red With Burgundy Lowlights

Are you hoping to go a little bolder with your color? These candy apple red locks are definitely not for the faint of heart. But there’s something so effortlessly edgy about the look that makes it more than worth the upkeep. While candy apple red looks great on its own, pairing the bold shade with dark burgundy lowlights helps tie everything together.

10. Berry

berry hair

This soft, berry hue is a little bit more subdued than other shades, making it one of the better options if you work in a more professional setting. Just remember, split ends are more visible on medium dark shades like this one. So keep your hair in perfect condition with regular trims.

11. Blackberry Bob

Blackberry Bob

There’s no doubt about it. This face-framing blackberry lob is unquestionably chic. The cropped cut helps highlight the rich color, while the shoulder-grazing length gives you just the right amount of oomph. This look is all about smooth, shiny tresses, so make sure you apply a little shine-enhancing serum to your ‘do before you head out the door.

12. Maroon curls

Maroon curls

Not ready to jump right into burgundy-colored locks? This brown-heavy shade will help you ease into the burgundy hair color trend without diving in head first. The slight maroon tint gives your locks just the slightest hint of warmth, making this look perfect for anyone who isn’t after a dramatic color change.

13. Reddish Burgundy

Reddish Burgundy

This reddish-burgundy look perfectly captures everything great about the burgundy hair trend. It’s vibrant, bold, and eye-catching but still low-key enough to look completely effortless. Weaving slightly different shades of red throughout your entire head helps add depth to the hue and prevents it from looking too flat or one note.

14. Burgundy Accents

Burgundy Accents hair with curtain bangs

Looking for something super subtle? These barely-there burgundy accents are an excellent way to amp up your brunette tresses. It’s the perfect way to incorporate burgundy hair while still maintaining a professional look. And if you ever want to draw more attention to the subtle accents, just play them up with some gorgeous red lipstick.

15. Cherry Cola Brown

Cherry Cola Brown hair

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate burgundy into your natural hair color, cherry cola brown is for you! This in-between shade looks more brunette in low or artificial lighting, while bright sunlight will put your reddish hues on full display.

16. Fuschia Layered Cut Hair

Fuschia layered cut hair

Nothing is sweeter than candy-colored tresses, and this look is the proof! The striking all-over color looks particularly picture perfect when contrasted against warm, chocolate skin. The warm, reddish undertones play off the subtle peach, golds, and reds in your skin, giving your complexion an effervescent glow. Try pairing your new hues with flipped-in ends for a hairstyle that’s both retro and modern.

17. Magenta High Ponytail

Magenta high ponytail

These magenta locks instantly update and breathe new life into the quintessential half up half down do’. The stunning electric hues almost take on a neon glow and give you a total color transformation. This color looks exceptionally great on longer lengths. The longer the hair, the more color there is to show off! And don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of all-over color. This hue looks even better when paired with dark roots.

18. Face Framing Copper Highlights

Face Framing Copper Highlights

This stunning look combines two fashion-forward trends in one! The copper highlights help brighten and draw attention to your gorgeous face, while the deep burgundy base creates an electric color contrast. And once you add some loose, romantic curls into the equation: you’re left with a look that’s absolutely exhilarating!

Is Burgundy Hair For You?

Although burgundy may seem like a daunting color choice, it's actually one of the most versatile shades around! Burgundy has a mix of red and purple, so you can tweak it to work with a variety of skin tones and complexions. True burgundy hair has a more pronounced purple hue, so it tends to look a little better on people with cool skin.

If you have a warmer complexion, opt for a shade that leans more towards the red side. And if you want to be sure, just talk with a trusted stylist! They’ll be able to walk you through which shade of burgundy perfectly flatters your features and complexion.

Burgundy Hair Vs. Maroon Hair

Burgundy and maroon are both in the red family. However, both colors have stark differences that can help you distinguish between the two. Burgundy is a mix of red and purple that falls more on the cool side. It tends to skew more purple and is excellent for anyone who loves experimenting with different, unnatural shades.

On the other hand, maroon is a mixture of red and brown. It tends to be more of a warm shade and is typically a little brighter than burgundy. Maroon is the better option if you’re looking for a more natural-looking and subdued shade.

Get Your Own Burgundy Hair

When it comes to red hair, burgundy is one of the most wearable shades. You can amp things up with bold, all-over color or add just a hint of color to your tresses. And if you’ve come across any styles that you’d love to make your own, make sure you check out our comprehensive selection of burgundy wigs. Once you find a unit you like, contact us so we can customize it to your liking. That way, you can get the burgundy tresses of your dreams!

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