12 Stunning Wig Color Ideas To Try In 2022

A new year requires a fresh look that’s sure to turn heads. But if you’re not ready to leap into that bold color choice you’ve been eyeing, the best way to try it out for yourself is to purchase a high-quality colored wig. Below, we’ve broken down the top 12 wig color ideas that you need to try in 2022 - they’re sure to turn heads!

1. Bronde

Bronde Wig

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In 2022, it’s time to change things up. “Bronde” is a stylish combo of brown and blonde tones. This wig color idea is the perfect option for brunettes and blondes alike. Adding a bit of blonde to brown hair is the perfect way to to lighten up for summer, while a little brownish-blonde look could be the perfect autumn transition from summery blonde looks. A high-quality wig is the perfect way to experiment with bronde looks for yourself!

2. Ombre Caramel Waves

Ombre Caramel Waves Wig

We are loving the look of caramel waves, combined with a subtle ombre effect: lighter at the roots and warmer at the ends. The lighter colors at the roots will beautifully frame and highlight your face, and the ombre effect subtly adds dimension to a natural look.

The best thing about an ombre wig: it’ll never grow out! If you’re hoping to rock an ombre look in 2022, a wig is the best way to do it. This gorgeous wig is complete with perfect baby hairs along the hairline. Taking a few extra minutes to properly lay down the baby hairs elevates this style.

3. Warm Ginger Orange

Warm Ginger Orange Wig

Looking for the perfect blend of bold and natural? Orange tones might be just what you’re looking for. A darker ginger orange hue is a subtle, yet vibrant choice. This might just be the color of the summer in 2022! A gorgeous orange wig is the way to go when it comes to this hair trend.

4. Voluminous Highlights

Voluminous Highlights

A voluminous wavy hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to skip out on dimension! This big, brushed out look is a gorgeous way to flaunt some volume, while honey highlights frame the face and lighten up this bold style. This is the perfect everyday look to try out this spring.

Worried about the maintenance of a curly wig? Use some detangling mist and carefully brush the wig to keep it tangle-free. Add in some hair oil for healthy-looking hair!

5. Wine Colored Hair

Wine Colored Hair Wig

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This gorgeous deep wine red is one of our favorite wig color ideas to try this year! Long, flowing locks pair beautifully with this color. When the sunlight hits this wig, it truly brings the colors to life!

To keep a bold-colored wig looking brand new, always wash it in warm water and rinse in cold water. Don’t wash it too often, and make sure you are using products made especially for colored wigs!

6. Dimensional Blonde Babylights

Dimensional Blonde Babylights

Blonde is a classic, yet always eye-catching style. If you haven’t tried it out for yourself, 2022 is your year! Not ready to take the leap into a full platinum blonde beauty? Try out a blonde or light brown wig with delicate babylights. Blonde babylights elevate this wig color idea by giving it an effortless and natural look.

7. Warm Platinum Blonde

Warm Platinum Blonde Wig

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If you’re already a lover of blonde hair, take the leap into a bold platinum look with a long and flowing platinum butter-toned blonde wig. This gorgeous wig color idea is sure to turn heads anywhere you go.

While cool bondes have dominated the hair styling space in 2021, warmer blondes will be a go-to style in 2022. To keep the color spot-on, don’t skip out on toner every once in a while. Try adding some simple braids to make this style absolutely flawless!

8. Warm Auburn Curls

Warm Auburn Curls

Warm auburn tones are a simple, yet stunning color option for any time of year and any occasion, and this style is a perfect way to kick off the new year! We are loving this wig, which pairs the beautiful copper color with bouncy curls.

Keep your curly wigs looking luscious with a few drop of hair oil - it’s sure to bring out a beautiful shine!

9. Honey Highlights

Honey Highlights Wig

Honey highlights are a hot trend, and one of our favorite wig color ideas of 2022. They give any wig a light and warm look. Paired with brown tones, they create the perfect amount of dimension. Whether you choose to flaunt honey highlights with gorgeous curls like this wig, or a pin straight style, you’re sure to stun!

10. Cropped Ash Blonde

Cropped Ash Blonde Wig

Not only are short, cropped styles a fan favorite right now, bold blonde color is all the rage, too! Combine two stunning styles into one with a cropped ash blonde wig. Ash tones keep the look cool, while the cropped length is low maintenance and effortlessly bold. This is an effortlessly edgy look!

If you prefer to keep your blonde tones ashy, be sure to use toner or a purple shampoo on your wig every once in a while! These products work to keep the brassiness at bay.

11. Warm Copper Waves

Warm Copper Waves

If you’ve been searching for the perfect warm hue to rock this year, copper is a perfect option that we expect to see more of in 2022. A new twist on red and auburn hues, copper is the perfect everyday color for anytime of year. Whether you rock this bright look for springtime, let it shine in the summer, or pair copper hair with your favorite fall ‘fits, this versatile wig color idea is a winner every time.

Style it into long, flowing waves, and keep it shining with moisturizing products like conditioner and oils.

12. Bold Cropped Colors

Bold Cropped Colors

With 2021 behind us, it’s time to make a statement. So, some of our favorite wig color ideas this year are bold cropped colors, like this neon orange beauty! The tousled waves give this wig a natural, high-quality look.

A major advantage of short wigs is that they are lightweight and low maintenance. They won’t weigh you down during the day and keeping them gorgeous and tangle-free is a breeze. A bold look with little upkeep is truly the best of both worlds!


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