Human Hair Lace Front Bob Wigs


    The Bob never goes out of style. Bob wigs are a perfect choice to rock an edgy bob style. This short haircut has graced the covers of the most influential magazines and celebrities for decades. XRSbeauty short human hair bob wigs are stylish, low maintenance, and look flawless on all face shapes.

    48 products

    48 products

    Why More Women are Getting Short Bob Hair

    One of the biggest benefits of bob wigs is that they’re low maintenance. With less hair to worry about, washing, drying and styling can be done in no time. It doesn’t take much to keep our bob wigs looking glamorous and salon-fresh every time. The bob haircut shows no signs of going out of fashion. This is most likely due to how flattering the cut is for women of all ages. The shorter length frames your face and gives it a lift! The blunt ends also make the hair appear fuller and healthier. 

    Women with bob hairstyles can easily style their hair to suit any occasion. The shorter cut can appear sleek and professional for work, but if you add some length and waves, it instantly becomes sultry and glamorous for date night. 

    Try a Bob Wig

    Cutting your hair into a bob is a big deal, especially if you’ve been growing your hair for a long time. Our advice is to try a bob wig instead! It’s a great way to try out the bob hairstyle and see if you like it. 

    Choose the Best Bob Wigs

    All of our short lace front bob wigs are made with 100% virgin human hair, so they are incredibly soft to the touch. We take pride in the quality of our wigs - the fact that they’re handmade by experts ensures that they are all unique and top-quality. As you browse our collection, you’ll see the many bob wig options we have available. You are sure to find one that best suits your style and face shape. 

    Easily Melt the Lace 

    The lace front portion of our wigs melts seamlessly to your scalp so that it looks like your real hair. You can rock a natural-looking bob without the hassle of cutting or growing out your natural hair. 

    Save Money Over Time

    The long-term costs of buying a bob wig are much cheaper than cutting a natural bob. With a natural bob, you’ll have to go to the salon for regular trims which can get expensive over the long-term. 

    Styling Versatility

    The lace adds versatility to your bob wig. You can wear your part in the middle or on each side, anywhere there’s lace. Style it freely as though it were your real hair! 

    XRSbeauty Short Bob Wigs Turn Heads

    You want your hair to look great whether you’re going to the store, on a date, or to a formal get-together. That’s why we offer a wide variety of bob wigs perfect for any occasion. Choose from various textures, from curly to straight to kinky and more! Made with top quality Swiss lace and human hair, our short wigs are sure to last. The wigs are also free of plucking, bleaching and other time-consuming processes you’d have to go through with other wigs, making them perfect for beginners. 

    The standard length for our short human hair bob wigs is 12 inches to14 inches. Choose your preferred density (150-250%), further enhancing your options for customisation and ensuring that your lace front wig complements your face shape and personal preferences.