Colored Wigs


    Amp up your best look with XRSbeauty colored lace front wigs! Made with adventurous women in mind, our colored human hair wigs are offered in a huge range of shades, from calm and natural to bright and spontaneous. Whether it is in shades of Blonde, Red, Pink, Burgundy, Orange, Blue, Purple, Ombre or Highlights, you’ll find your ideal colored wig here.

    105 products

    105 products

    Your colored wig should look as realistic as possible. It should look as if your own hair was colored pink or purple or fire engine red or whatever wonderful color you feel like rocking. Colored wigs that have slightly darker roots create very realistic looks since they give the impression that a bit of your natural root is showing through your color which is something that happens if your hair grows out after you’ve colored it. Darker roots also mean that it is easier to blend your own hair with your colored wig if that is something that was required. 

    The color of your wig should be one that complements your skin tone and style. The length of your wig is also important. A short bob cut in a particular color can look modern and professional but if that same color was in a wig that was too long, you could end up looking like a mermaid and give off the impression that you were immature in certain settings. The color, length and cut of the wig should all suit your personality and personal style or at least the outfit you are wearing that day. So be mindful of that when deciding which colored wig is right for you. 

    Why Should You Try a Colored Wig? 

    Why should you choose a colored wig? The simple answer is that colored wigs are fun. Hair in general and wigs, in particular, are accessories, just like handbags or jewelry. Every now and again it is fun to experiment with new cuts, lengths, and color. Either as a way of seeing how you would look if you made that change permanent on your own hair or to save the time and maintenance that would be required if you did color your hair. Wigs can also express different aspects of your personality. Your hair is a part of you, but you are not only our hair and the freedom to change it through wigs is great and worth embracing. 

    Try the Latest Hair Color Trends with XRS Beauty 

    Our colored wigs are perfect for anyone who likes to keep up with the latest color trends but doesn’t want to ruin their natural hair. With our colored lace front wigs, you can quickly and easily switch up your look with little effort and no damage! 

    Shop Your Best Colored Wigs 

    All of our colored wigs are made of 100% human hair and colored using the highest quality products to ensure that your color looks vibrant even after washing and styling. Stand out from a crowd with hair that’s vibrant and overflowing with personality. 

    Melted Lace Front for Colored Wigs

    The 13x4 Transparent lace front melts seamlessly against your skin to mimic your real scalp, making the colored human hair wig look beautifully realistic and natural from the roots. It also means that the wig can be parted freely wherever the lace is. The invisible transition between the wig and your scalp makes it impossible for others to tell that it’s not your real hair. 

    Find Your Perfect Colored Wig Shade

    Whether you’re a fan of natural shades or you want to experiment with bright funky colors, we stock the most diversity of hair shades. Take some time to browse and decide which color is best for you – why not experiment with a color you’ve never had before? It doesn’t have to be one solid color either. We have colored wigs with ombre tones, highlights and more, so you can always look salon-fresh no matter what.

    How to Choose a Colored Wig that’s Right for You 

    Skin tone is very important when choosing a wig color. The key is to make sure that whatever color you choose, your wig ends up brightening your complexion instead of washing you out. A strong contrast between your hair and skin, such as wearing a white wig against your dark skin will spotlight your facial features so if you want to show off your killer cheekbones, choose a wig on the lighter side to play up the contrast with your skin. 

    With dark skin, you can wear any color wig you choose and the length and cut are very important for keeping the look classy and beautiful. We know that buying a wig can make you feel self-conscious, especially if it’s your first time getting a wig or getting a colored wig. Just remember that wigs provide an opportunity to make yourself over and that a wig is probably the easiest way to achieve a makeover that you will come across. 

    For the most part, lighter shades are more playful and youthful whereas deeper, darker shades are more about being fierce and bold. Some days you may wish to embrace your fun side, while on other days you just want to show how fierce and bold you are. That’s the power of wigs. They offer variety, which is the spice of life. Embrace it! 

    Match Wig Color to Your Skin 

    Cool Tone Skin: best suits ash blondes, dark mocha browns and deep blacks. 

    Warm Tone Skin: try caramel blonde, warm chocolate brown or red colors. 

    Neutral Tone Skin: all colors will suit you! 

    Unnatural/brighter colors also have undertones which you can match to your skin tone. 

    Caring for your Colored Wig 

    Colored wigs require some extra care and attention to keep them looking bright and vibrant. When washing your wig, don’t submerge or soak it; instead, let it sit under running water from the faucet or shower. Make sure the water is cool or lukewarm, because hot water can cause color-fade and damage to the lace front cap. Use a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for colored hair. Not only will this prevent color-fading, but it’ll also add extra nourishment to the hair to keep it healthy and soft. After washing your wig, dry off the excess moisture with a soft towel (gently press, don’t twist or scrub) then let it air dry on a wig stand, as the heat from a hairdryer can damage your lace front cap. If you heat-style your colored wig, be sure to use a good quality heat protectant to keep the color vibrant and maximize your wig’s longevity.