25 Must Try Closure Hairstyles for 2022

closure hairstyles

Closures are some of the hottest hair types on the market. It's easy to see why, as they allow you to rock a variety of styles with a natural-looking middle, side, or deep side part. They’re also just right for anyone who wants to look naturally glam without breaking the bank. Some think that closure hairstyle options are limited, but in this article, you’ll find that you’ve got many more options than you think! Keep reading for 25 must-try closure hairstyles for 2022!

Closure Wig Hairstyle Options and Limitations

Though many styles work for closure wigs, some will not. That’s why it’s important to know your closure wig styling options and limitations. Let’s take a look below!

Closure Wig Styling Options

  • Simple, parted hair: The closure is designed to create the illusion of natural-growing hair in the front. Closures usually come with 3 parting options, including the middle part only, the 3 part (middle, left, and right), and the free part (part anywhere on the lace).
  • Heat styling: Closure wigs can be heat styled however you like, provided they are made of quality human hair. You can use a flat iron for sleek straight hair or a curling iron/wand for some bouncy curls.
  • Half up half down styles: Half up half down styles will take a little finessing, since the goal is to pull half of the hair up without showing the wig’s wefts. However, with practice, well-placed swoops, and maybe some long tendrils or bangs, you can make it happen.
  • Bobs: Bobs are always an option for your lace closure wig. Try a traditional bob, asymmetrical bob, or even a lob.
  • Curls: Whether you’re into loose, beachy waves or tight springy curls, you can easily achieve them with a closure wig.

Hairstyles that Won’t Work on Your Closure

  • High pulled back styles: A lace closure only covers a small front portion of the wig. This makes it difficult to pull the hair upwards or backwards without revealing the wefts on the sides.
  • Intricate up-dos: Up-dos may cause the same issues as the pulled-back styles. Depending on how you lift the hair, your wefts and edges may end up exposed.

1. Long And Bone Straight With Middle Part

Long And Bone Straight With Middle Part Closure Hairstyle

Long, straight hair with a middle part is both classic and simple. It exudes a touch of sultry elegance that makes every woman look and feel more beautiful. This gorgeous style works for any occasion, from everyday shopping trips to even the most classy events.

2. Kinky Blonde Bob With Side Part

An icy platinum blonde bob like this one may just prove that blondes have more fun! You can fluff your kinky curls as much or as little as you like to create a playful look for work and play. Just be sure to keep them moisturized for maximum definition.

3. Long Body Wave Curls With Middle Part

Long Body Wave Curls With Middle Part Closure Hairstyle

Go big or go home - that’s what this style is all about. It’s for anyone who likes long hair with large waves and lots of body. Wear this style to look super glam at a party or on a romantic date.

4. Long Jerry Curls

Long Jerry Curls Lace Closure Wig Hairstyle

Any cute and casual babe would love this long jerry curl style! These curls are full of body and personality, so if you’ve got the attitude to match, this is your look. Rock this style for a girls’ night out, at a concert, or when entertaining at home.

5. Long Bombshell Curls

Closure Sew in Hairstyle Long Bombshell Curls

When the occasion calls for drama, bring it all with these long bombshell curls. These juicy, face-framing curls slenderize your face and bring out your cheekbones for an Insta-ready look all-around. The long length makes you look and feel glam in virtually any outfit, from casual to formal.

6. Long, Blonde, and Straight

long blonde straight hairstyles with closure wig

Waist-length, bone-straight, blonde hair against dark skin is a beautiful sight - and this image is the proof! But be careful, because with this style, it’ll be impossible for you to blend in with the crowd. To get a sleek look like this, you’ll need genuine human hair and a quality flat iron.

7. Curly Fro

Curly Fro Lace Closure Weave Hairstyles

Celebrate the beauty of curls with a stunning curly fro! This wild and fun look exudes an air of youthfulness and works for just about every face shape. The best thing about a curly wig like this one is that you can pair it with a casual shirt and jeans or a long flowy maxi dress and look breathtaking either way.

8. Honey Blonde Waves

middle part closure honey blonde wave hairstyle

Is platinum blonde a little too much for you? Then a honey blonde hue is a great alternative. This honey blonde streaked closure wig looks more natural than lighter blonde wigs and complements caramel and chocolate skin tones like a dream. You can use a wave wand to give the wig some body within just a few minutes. This look is perfect for a movie night, drinks with friends, or dinner with that special someone.

9. Curly Bob With Bangs

sew in curly bob with bangs hairstyle with closure

Have you ever tried a bang style? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Bangs are a stylish and sexy way to elevate your overall look. Just pull those front hairs forward and trim them to the proper length. Pair them with a curly bob cut to highlight your facial features and create an edgy style that’s perfect for any event.

10. Straight Bob With Bangs

straight bob with bangs closure bob hairstyle

The straight bob with bangs is a favorite among celebs, influencers, and everyday baddies. The bangs frame your face beautifully and accentuate your cheekbones for a flawless look any day. The style works perfectly for professional meetings and formal occasions and is also great for casual day trips to the mall or a night out with friends.

11. Brown To Blonde Ombre Lob

Brown To Blonde Ombre Lob hairstyle with lace closure

Need a style that’s got flavor but is still wearable? Why not try a mix of dark and light? Blonde mid lengths and ends with dark roots give the illusion of natural roots growing in. Pair this color with a lob cut for a style that can take you from a formal work presentation to an all-out birthday bash!

12. Ginger Middle Part

 Ginger Middle Part Closure Hairstyle

Ginger orange hair catches the eye instantly and complements virtually all shades of brown skin. Hair colors like these are bold, yet beautiful, and you just can't go wrong with a simple middle part. A hair hue like this will complement all of your club wear or any fun one-piece or two-piece bodysuit you’ve been dying to slay in.

13. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Lace Closure Weave Haristyle

Curtain bangs…ever vintage, ever trendy! If you’ve been itching to jump on the curtain bang bandwagon, the time is now. These curtain bangs have a delightful vintage vibe that’s great for a family barbecue, shopping trip, or when you’re running everyday errands.

14. Classic Pixie Cut

Classic Pixie Cut Bob Closure Hairstyle

The classic pixie cut is hard to beat. It’s cute, fun, and easy to maintain. Feel free to part your hair wherever you’d like to change up the style based on your face shape. Although you can wear this style for any outing, it is especially suited to professional settings where you would wear something more formal.

15. Medium-Length Wavy

Medium Length Wavy Quick Closure Hairstyle

Medium-length hair grants you more styling options than short hair without the hassle that comes along with extra-long hair. Choose a wavy textured wig or add some subtle waves to the wig for some added personality. Now you’re ready for anything, including a party with friends or game night with the family.

16. Curly Low Ponytail

Curly Low Ponytail Closure Hairstyle

If you like the idea of a low-maintenance style, the curly low ponytail will be your jam! A simple low ponytail not only looks elegant, but it keeps your hair out of the way and puts your facial features on blast. For work or play, this style is a fantastic option.

17. Money Pieces

Money Pieces hairstyle with closure

Money pieces are one of the hottest trends in hair color in general, but you’ll often see people adding them to their closure wigs. Money pieces are highlighted or boldly colored chunks of hair at the front hairline. They come in all colors, so you can choose a color that best matches your personality or wig color. Try money pieces if you’re not 100% ready to commit to a full color job or just want to give the color trend a try.

18. Red Highlights with Custom Layer

Red highlight with custom layer closure hairstyle

Few colors excite as much as fire engine red, but it can be too bold for some. So, rather than going full red, go darker red or burgundy and add some excitement with some well-placed bright red highlights. This look complements any skin tone and tops off casual outfits like a dream.

19. Straight Burgundy Bang

straight burgundy bang closure hairstyle

Though burgundy isn't a natural hair color, it’s popularity is undeniable. Why? It looks fantastic against melanated skin! It also isn't overly bright but still attracts attention. Straight eye-skimming bangs take the look up a notch, propelling this style to baddie status.

20. Long Silver Ombre Side Swept

Long Silver Ombre Side Swept closure hairstyle

This electrifying silver ombre style is a looker! It blends darker tones at the top with a light silver color below. This gives a more natural effect than some other options, with a smooth transition between the two shades. A simple center part accentuates this look and is perfect for both relaxed and elegant affairs.

21. Navy Blue Ombre

navy blue ombre closure wig hairstyle

Navy blue ombre hair is getting more and more attention on social media. Perhaps it’s because it’s both wearable and attention-grabbing. This gorgeous look is perfect for clubbing, parties, or any other fun activities on your list!

22. Pastel Pink Curls

Want to look like an angel? Try pastel pink curls for a gentle touch of whimsy. It’s most loved by fans of mermaids, fairies, and unicorns. Wear it with your everyday fits and even semi-casual ensembles to look enchanting.

23. Medium Length Lavender Closure Wig

Medium Length Lavender Closure Wig

Like pastel pink, bright lavender is a favorite of those who love fantasy worlds and entertainment. But you don’t have to watch anime or fantasy films to try out lavender hair. Just look at the above image - this hair is bomb! Lavender hair accentuates most dark skin tones, bringing out its warm undertones. Lavender medium-length hair with a simple center part is a lovely style for shopping with friends or going out on the town. But be aware, it may not be widely accepted in corporate workplaces.

24. Bobby Pin Design On Wig


Just because you’re wearing a closure wig or sew-in doesn’t mean you can’t use hair accessories. Just a few bobby pins can take your closure unit to the next level! You can arrange the bobby pins along the sides, above your ears, or however you like. This creates an attractive design that you can wear to the gym, to the store, or even for more formal occasions like weddings or graduations.

25. Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Half Up Half Down Ponytail Closure Hairstyle

A lovely half-up ponytail with the rest of your hair left loose looks stunning for informal occasions, like a birthday party or shopping trip with the girls. You do need to be careful to keep those wefts covered on the sides, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying this simple, yet chic, style.

Tips to Choose Your Closure Hairstyle

There are so many style choices available that choosing one can be especially challenging. So, we’d like to help you out with some helpful tips you can use to narrow your choices down. Let’s get right into it!

Your lifestyle: If you are someone who’s constantly on the go, without time to primp and restyle your hair, low-maintenance styles are a must. By “low-maintenance”, we are referring to any style that doesn’t require maintenance throughout the day. Low-maintenance styles include bobs, a curly fro, or a low ponytail.

The occasion: If you need a wig for a formal occasion, you should go for styles that aren’t overly distracting or deemed unprofessional. Styles like the straight bob with bangs, long straight or wavy styles, or the low ponytail will work well. For casual occasions, go for a half-up half-down ponytail, a style with money pieces, or even pink or blue hair - the choice is yours. And when you want to go all-out glam, go for big voluminous styles like bombshell curls, a long blonde style, or super long tousled waves.

The weather: When it’s raining out, the last style you should wear is one that’s so long and bulky that you can’t cover it all - go short. If it’s cold, it’s best to wear a style that covers your shoulders and neck - go long. When it’s hot out, updos and short styles are best.

Your personal preference: When it comes to your hairstyle, you really don’t have to follow any rules. So, if any of the styles seem to be calling your name, go with it!

Explore Your Best Look with a Lace Closure

Though the options for lace closures hairstyles are a bit limited compared to lace fronts, you’ve still got many styles to choose from. Whether you prefer long, short, curly, or straight hair, it’s all possible with a closure wig.

Ready to give one of the styles a try? Browse our extensive collection of closure wigs or bundles with closure to find the perfect one to elevate your hair game. Then show off your new look by tagging us on Instagram!


  • Zala Hair

    Stunning hairstyles!!! I admire these suggestions! The #3 Long Body Wave Curls With Middle Part is one of my favorites! It looks so chic and fun…loved it!

  • XRS Beauty

    Hi Carmen, glad you find your style. We can custoimze a grey hair color for you. And about the style, you may need to restyle it every time you wash it. Please contact us at service@xrsbeautyhair.com with the hair specification you need (length, lace size, color reference, density, etc.), we will arrange it asap. Thank you.

  • Carmen Manso

    Number 14 would be my choice.
    Would you have it in Gray, or salt and pepper?

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