17 Lace Front Hairstyles that You Must Try 2022

Lace fronts are super trendy and their popularity is constantly on the rise. Perhaps it’s because of their versatility. The lace at the front of the unit gives you the freedom to try many different hairstyles without fake-looking results. From half up half down styles to intricate braided styles, you’ve got a ton of lace front hairstyles options, and we’ll fill you in on 17 of the best!

Lace Front Styling Options and Limitation

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know about lace front styling options and limitations. Yet, it’s so important to know what you can and can’t do when styling your lace frontal:

Lace Front Wigs Styling Options

  • Heat style: Use a wand curler, crimper, or hair straightener to alter the texture of the hair. Heat tools come in handy whenever you want to smooth your unit, add volume, or give it a new texture.
  • Half up half down styles: Lace fronts have lace from ear to ear, enabling you to pull the front hair into a ponytail if you’d like.
  • Braided styles: You can put your lace front in a ponytail and braid the loose hair to the ends or do an ear-to-ear cornrow braid for some sass.
  • Bangs: Anyone can jazz up their lace front wig with edgy bangs. A few options include curtain bangs, blunt bangs, choppy bangs, or wispy bangs.  
  • Low ponytails: Low ponytails are perfect for lace front wigs since they don’t show the wefts at the nape of the neck.

Hairstyles that Won’t Work on Your Lace Front:

  • High ponytails: Since lace fronts only have lace around the perimeter, if you pull your unit into a high pony, others may be able to see the wefts in the back. You’d need a 360 lace or full lace wig to do high ponytails.
  • Pigtails or space buns: Space buns are off-limits because there’s no lace down the middle of a lace front - it’s only on the front portion. Parting the wig down the middle from front to back will reveal the wig’s wefts.
  • Straight back cornrows: For the same reason that pigtails and space buns are off-limits with lace fronts, straight-back cornrows are also a no-no. If you want to do straight back cornrows, you’ll need a full lace wig, which has lace all throughout the wig cap.

1. Curly Bob

lace front curly bob hairstyle


The curly bob screams feminine energy and looks beautiful on virtually any woman. We are loving this look for two reasons:

  • Its effortlessly classy vibe
  • Its versatility

You can pair this curly bob wig with a plain white t-shirt and jeans or play it up with a bedazzled bodycon dress. The choice is yours.

2. Long Cascading Waves

Lace Front Long Cascading Waves Hairstyles


You’ve seen long cascading waves on your favorite celebs and social media influencers. Why not try the style on yourself? In addition to being universally flattering, it can be styled to fit any face shape. If you want to look like a Queen wherever you go, you can’t go wrong with this style.

3. Ginger with Blonde Money Pieces

Ginger with Blonde Money Pieces Lace front wig hairstyle

If you like bold and unique hair colors, this blonde and ginger hairstyle is right up your alley! It features a super bold ginger hue with platinum blonde money pieces that frame the face beautifully. Its big, bouncy barrel curls add loads of body to the look. Wear this lace front style to top off any look that’s a little extra!

4. Long, Voluminous Lace Front Waves

Long Voluminous Lace Front Waves


Do you crave big hair with a whole lot of attitude? These larger-than-life lace front waves are everything you’ve ever wanted for your hair! The look is just the right amount of messy, the perfect carefree style for any casual or semi-formal occasion. Rock this look to girls' night, a romantic date night, or even a playdate with the kids. You’ll look absolutely gorgeous!

5. Sleek Rainbow Hair

Sleek Rainbow lace front Hairstyle.jpg

Do you live life in color? Then this is the perfect wig style for you! A rainbow wig is sure to turn heads wherever you go. This specific style features rainbow streaks on one side and a solid red color on the other side. Though the look is a bit unorthodox, we can’t deny that we’re totally in love with it!

6. Half Up Half Down Bun

Half Up Half Down Bun lace front hairstyle

This iconic half up half down lace front style is both youthful and classy. It requires you to create a bun at the crown of your head and leave the rest of your hair hanging down. This style can be worn with just about any outfit and to any event. Wear it with your favorite loungewear, to an interview, or even to a wedding to look stunning.

7. Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail Lace Front Wig Hairstyle


The sleek low pony is a popular no-fuss style that works well for occasions when you don’t want to worry about messing up your hair. To get the look, you’ll need to thoroughly detangle your wig, slick it back with some gel or got2b glued spray, and secure it with an elastic. You can wear your ponytail straight or add some flavor with some curls or waves. Then you’re all ready to go!

8. Kinky Straight Wig with Side Part

Kinky Straight Lace Front Wig with Side Part Hairstyle


Looking for a style that looks similar to your natural hair texture? This kinky straight style is it! It looks like your natural curls are blown out. The side part helps frame the face, making people with any face shape look even more beautiful. Drape the hair over one of your shoulders, put it in a side ponytail, or wear it in a half up half down style to spice things up!

9. Straight Asymmetrical Bob

Straight Asymmetrical Bob Lace Front Hairstyle


Few styles come close to an asymmetrical bob done right! It’s a style that features a bob-like taper with an asymmetrical line at the nape. It instantly adds interest to any outfit and face shape. The asymmetrical bob cut can take some effort and practice to master, but once you get it, cutting your wigs into this style will be easy peasy. This bob can elevate the most formal ensembles as well as your typical loungewear. Just make sure you’ve got the attitude and swag to work it!

10. Blonde Bombshell Waves

Blonde Bombshell Waves lace front wig style


Do blondes really have more fun? It’s hard to say. But we’re 100% sure that these blonde bombshell waves are flawless, and the deep side part is bringing all the drama! This particular look features dark roots to make the style look a bit more natural. Whenever you want to feel like a Barbie, this look is it!

11. Honey Blonde Jerry Curls

Honey Blonde Jerry Curls lace front hairstyle

If you like blonde hair but don’t want to cross all the way over to the blonde side, this wig style is perfect for you. It’s brown with honey blonde highlights and features gorgeous defined jerry curls that have loads of personality. The length is also neither too short nor too long and has loads of volume. What more could you ask for?

12. Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle for black women

This low bun will have you sashaying down the aisle in style. It’s super sleek in the front and features a large, elegant bun in the back. Any bride will look exquisite in this style. To add a touch of romance, try a long wavy tendril on each side. And don’t forget to finish it off with a dainty floral headpiece or clip!

13. Choppy Highlights

Choppy Highlights lace front hairstyle


Choppy highlights are ideal for when you want to make a bold statement. This blonde and brown do’ is an eye-catcher if we’ve ever seen one. It’s got chunks of dark brown and blonde in all the right places. A style like this would go great with just about any outfit, but is especially good for parties and get-togethers with friends.

14. Bone Straight with Wispy Bangs

Bone Straight with Wispy Bangs lace fornt hairstyle


This bone straight wig with wispy bangs is a twist on the ever-popular straight middle part wig. It’s for women who want some light face-framing bangs to take things up a notch. The bangs hit right at the cheekbones, and the rest of the hair falls over the jawline for an instant beauty boost!

15. Side Cornrows with Hair Jewelry

Lace Front Wig Side Cornrows hairstyle with Hair Jewelry

Look at what just two cornrows can do for your lace front! In just a few minutes, you can take your lace front from ordinary to extraordinary. Besides the cornrows, this look features gold hair jewelry and swoopy baby hair. Wear this look with your favorite lounge fit or any casual two-piece ensemble to turn heads. The style is great for anyone who’s into a tribal, ethnic aesthetic.

16. Peekaboo Highlights

Short Lace Front Bob with Peekaboo Highlights


Would you like to try a new bold hair color without fully committing to it? Peekaboo highlights are the perfect solution. These highlights are strategically placed only on the bottom half of your hair. So, they’re only seen when the wind blows or when you wear your hair in certain styles (half-up half-down, side pony, etc.). This style is perfect for women who work in corporate businesses with strict dress codes.

17. Half Up Half Down Waves

Half Up Half Down Waves Lace Front Wig Hairstyle


Long tight waves possess a dreamy quality that can make any woman look angelic. If that’s the look you’re going for, then look no further! Rock this wavy half up half down style on your everyday errands, out to special events, or to get that perfect Instagram photo!

Tips to Choose Your Lace Front Hairstyle

With all of the hairstyle choices in this article, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. But there’s no need to worry. Here are some tips to help you choose your next great lace front style!

Pick a style that fits the occasion

  • If you’re going to a wedding, it’s usually best to go with hairstyles that have an elegant feel. Some options include a low bun, a low ponytail with a middle part, or long cascading waves.
  • For a date with the girls, you can go with a more playful style, like rainbow streaks, side cornrows, or chunky highlights in any color you desire.
  • If you want to look hot for a date, go glam with a bone straight look, long voluminous waves, or even a straight asymmetrical bob.

Go with your personal preference

You could always bypass all the rules and go for a style that tickles your fancy, no matter the occasion.

Consider the weather

  • If it’s raining out, you may want to go with a short style or any style that’s easy to cover up, like a short bob.
  • For wintery days, go with long styles that cover your shoulders and warm you up.
  • In the summer, you may want to opt for a short style that won’t make you overheat.

Time to Show Off

Due to the construction of lace frontals, your styling options are numerous! From wavy and curly hairdos to edgy bangs and silky straight styles, you’re sure to find the perfect lace front hairstyle for you.

Choose your favoirte lace front wig from our vast collections and don’t forget to have fun with it! Take a quick pic and tag us on Instagram @xrsbeautyhair!

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