Color Wigs on Dark Skin

color wigs on dark skin

Have you been thinking about getting yourself a wig in a brighter and bolder color? Well you have come to the right place. Jumpstart your imagination and find the perfect color inspiration for you as you feast your eyes on these love ladies setting trends and making statements.

There is no color that does not go with dark skin in all its glorious shades and there is no limit to the styles or colors you can choose when looking for the perfect colored wig to complement your particular brand of melanin.

If you are new to wearing wigs of any kind or are just now thinking of wearing colored wigs, then it may be confusing knowing where to start.  It’s always great to find some inspiration and Instagram is great for that.

There are many people you could choose to follow and find inspiration for wearing colored wigs on dark skin and we are certain that you will want to shop our colored wig collection right away to cop your own. Let’s look at some amazing dark-skinned ladies rocking colored wigs.

Purple Wigs

It is no coincidence that purple is a favored color among royalty.  Purple and its various shades, such as violet and magenta bring to mind wisdom and luxury. While lighter shades such as lavender are fun and delicate. Be the queen of all you survey by rocking a purple wig and really see the ways in which it brings out the melanin in the skin of the African Queen that you are.

1. Dark Purple

dark purple color wig on Justine Skye

This deep, dark purple is rich and vibrant. It perfectly complements dark skin and works well with the natural looking, dark roots.  The shoulder length, curly style is also perfect and gives a classic and sophisticated look to the wearer.

2. Dark Lavender

dark lavender color wig on dark skin

This purple is a bit like a dark lavender tone.  Bob lengths are always flattering and make any color look sophisticated and grown up. The flipped, blunt ends are also modern and edgy. This purple is perfect for the creative professional.

3. Medium Purple Color

medium purple color wig on black women

This medium purple color is also the perfect bob length and looks both fun and flattering. If you are wondering about getting a colored wig for everyday wear, the bob cut is a great starting point because of the polished, professional and put together look that it creates.

4. Pale Lavender

pale lavender color wig on black women

This pale lavender look is all about being fun and feminine. It creates a super soft and delicate look that is perfect for occasions when you feel romantic.

5. Reds Wigs

Red is the color of strength, energy and passion. It’s also a sure way of garnering attention. Red is a color that turns heads and being a natural hair color, is acceptable at pretty much any and all events, depending on how you style your wig.

Reds are for the bold and fearless, so if you are looking to embrace your inner diva or boss lady consider this color in your next human hair wig.

red wig in high updo on Rihanna

If you want to turn heads at a formal event, then styling your wig in a sleek and classic updo is a sure fire way to do that.

red kinky curly wig on black women

However, if you are more inclined to rock a full head of riotous, red curls, then this kinky curly wig which just screams diva is perfect.

red bob wig on Nikki Minaj

Few people can rock a colored wig like Miss Nikki Minaj, but you should definitely give this look your best shot, because this sleek, chin length red bob is so fire that we can smell the smoke from here.

6. Ombre Burgundy Wig

ombre burgundy wig on dark skin

If red is a little too far on the bright side for you, then burgundy could be just the color you’re looking for. Burgundy wigs are fantastic against dark skin and there really is no way to go wrong with them. This ombre burgundy wig is a great way to ease into the world of colored wigs. The dark roots are very natural, and the length is flattering without being too long. You’ll turn heads for looking so stunning in an ombre burgundy wig, that’s for sure.

7. Root to Tip Burgundy Look with Bangs

root to tip burgundy wig look with a face framing bang

Try a root to tip burgundy look with a face framing bang definitely belongs in your collection of colored wigs. Bangs are great for bringing attention to the eyes and the rest of the wig offers versatility in styling so you aren’t limited to just a half up, half down hairdo.

8. Deep Burgundy with Black Roots

Deep burgundy hair with black roots on dark skin

Deep burgundy with black roots is a super realistic look that is easy to pull off. It’s the perfect complement for dark skin and a great starter wig because the color and style is bold enough to make a statement, but classic enough to take you from home to office and everywhere in between.

9. Golden Blonde

613 blonde color wig on black women

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Golden blonde is an especially attractive hair color for warm skin tones. If gold jewelry is your thing and you’ve been itching to go blonde, this is definitely the shade you should try.

10. Brown & Blonde Ombre

Brown and Blonde Ombre Color Wig

Dark roots transitioning into lighter color is a tried and true way of doing color. The darker roots give a realistic and natural appearance and makes blending possible should you want to do that. This brown and blonde hair is flattering against darker skin tones. And the long loose face framing waves is a great length to allow for versatility in styling.

11. Chocolate Brown with Ash Blonde Highlights

Chocolate Brown with Ash Blonde Highlights Color Wig on Black Women

Hair with different shades and tones is always more interesting to the eyes. In different lights and at different angles, there will always be something new happening to the hair color when you look at it. This brown hair with ash blonde highlights is interesting to look at and is subtle enough to fit in everywhere but unique enough to show a bit of personality and flair. The rich, chocolatey color is also amazing against dark skin.

12. Orange Wigs

orange wig on black girl

Orange is the colour of creativity, youth and enthusiasm and wigs of this color certainly exude vitality and a go getter attitude. This ginger orange look is bold, bright, fun and youthful. It is not for you if you do not want to be in the spotlight because this orange wig simply radiates light. With this wig you will definitely be the light of the party.

13. Copper Wigs

copper hair wig on black women

This is a more sedate copper wig that is less eye-catching but no less stunning that the bright copper wig above. It’s dark enough to be similar to natural hair colors and bold enough to make a statement.

 14. White Hair with Dark Root

White Hair with Dark Root

This is how you wear a head full of white hair without looking like a grandma. By making sure your roots are dark and keeping the length on the longer side, the wig adds to your youthfulness rather than taking from it.

15. Silver

silver hair lace front wig on black women

All about the glamour and the grace? Then you should really try a silver lace front wig.This wig is the definition of a silver fox. Again, there is enough darkness and depth to prevent the wearer from looking like a grandma, yet the silver color adds an element of glamour and grace that is attractive to everyone.

16. Pink Wigs

pink hair color wig on dark skin

Pink wigs are all about the feminine and playful and the range of shades are endless. Whether you add just a hint of pink as pictured above or go for root to tip pink, a pink wig is sure to bring out your playful, romantic and feminine nature. No matter how fierce you are, sometimes it's nice to be a little playful too.

17. Green

green hair on dark skin

Green is all about nature and balance and this green wig hits the right note with the length and intensity of the green.  It is such a light green that it also looks a bit silvery which adds even more visual interest. A wig like this will shimmer and shine with every movement of your head and will amaze from every angle.

18. Yellow with Brow Root

yellow wig on dark skin

Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness and we can always use a bit more of both in life and our hair. This wig is fun and unique but the blunt cut, length and ash brown roots prevents it from looking tacky or like a costume.  Instead it comes across as cutting edge and fashion forward. 

19. Pink and Blue

pink and color wig on dark skin

Pink and blue have never looked better together. The colors are perfectly blended and the shine makes the hair look so healthy and natural. Too much shine in a wig can look synthetic but with our high-quality human hair, lace front wigs, that is not something you’ll have to worry about.

20. Blue and Lavender

blue and lavender color wig

This lovely blue and lavender curly bob is the perfect blend of both colors. The shade of the colors and cut and style of the wig is super girly and feminine.

21. Multi-color Wigs

multi color hair wig

Sometimes one color is not enough so why not try two or three or more? This wig is what comes to mind when you think of mermaid wigs. It is long, multicolored, with loose curls and is overall  very pretty. This is a fun wig but with so much going on with the hair it is important to wear an outfit that complements the hair rather than clashes with it. Note the white outfit which balances all the colours of the hair and helps to create an overall look that is clean and crisp instead of busy and chaotic.

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