How to Store Wigs: 6 Easiest Wig Storage Ideas

wig storage ideas

Wigs offer you a chance to switch up your look. You can be a short-haired blond today and a brunette with long hair tomorrow. However, you need to know how to store wigs properly to get your money's worth. This will increase their longevity and keep their shine and luster.

It's not just enough to have an extensive wig collection. When you don’t keep them in a proper wig storage, they lose their value and may become dry and matted over time.

If you’re having a hard time finding the best ways to store your wigs, you're in the right place because we'll be taking you through practical different wig storage methods in this article. Read till the very end to find a method that best suits you.

Prepare Your Wig

It is essential to prep your wig before putting it away. Think of it this way; you can't place dirty clothes in your wardrobe without washing, drying, and folding them properly. This also applies to wigs to prevent them from losing form. So how do you prepare your wig?

Wash and care for your wig

The best way to retain the worth of your wig is to treat it like you treat your natural hair. If you've ever gone days or weeks without cleansing your hair, you'll relate to the fact that it can get smelly and messy. Frequently skipping wash days can affect the health of your hair, and the same goes for wigs.

Wash your wig with a gentle wig-friendly shampoo and condition it properly. This helps remove buildup from wig products, giving it a radiant sheen and glow. You must also be careful while you wash your wig to prevent further damage. Gently work your hands through the hair and avoid rumpling to prevent it from matting.

Make sure your wig is completely dry

After cleansing your wig, be sure that it's completely dry before putting it away. Storing a wet or damp wig will do more harm and no good at all. It is an enabling environment for molds and mildew, which can cause further damage to the hair fibers. It can also attract harmful chemicals.

The best way to dry your wig is by leaving it to air dry. You can also use a blow dryer for human hair wigs, but make sure you apply a heat protectant first.

Detangle Your Wig

Detangling your wig properly will prevent it from losing its style or form. It is best to detangle with a conditioner to avoid breakage. This also helps your hands or preferred hair tool glide through the wig easily. Some people also prefer to detangle and style their wig before storing it, so it's easier to wear when needed.

Six Different Ways to Store Wigs

Now that you’ve prepped your wig, how do you store it? Here are the best wig storage options to consider.

  1. Store Wigs on Wig Stands or Heads
  2. Store Wigs on Hanging Wig Stands
  3. Store Wigs in Silk Satin Wig Bags
  4. Store Wigs in A Carton Box
  5. Use Wig Travel Box
  6. Store Wigs in Wig Storage Bags with Hanger

Store Wigs on Wig Stands or Heads

Store Wigs on Wig Stands or Heads

Storing wigs on wig stands or heads is usually the preferred wig storage method. This is because the Mannequin or Styrofoam wig head is built like a human head and will help maintain the style and shape of the wig, whether it's human hair or synthetic.

If you have enough space in your closet or room, it's best to get wig heads to display your wig collection and style them properly. However, if you do not have enough space you can still benefit from this method by getting one or two wig heads that you can use daily. You can also buy a shelf that can be attached to the wall to create space for your wig stands.

Wig heads and stands are easy to use and keep your wigs looking their best. If you think you’ll get a little spooked from different mannequin heads staring at you in your room, you can go for a Cork Canvas Head or a Portable Wig Head Stand.
Pro tips: Cover your wigs with a hair bonnets while on the wig head to prevent dust and maintain its style.

Store Wigs on Hanging Wig Stands

Store Wigs on Hanging Wig Stands

Another great wig storage option to try, especially if you don't have enough room for Mannequin heads, is wig hangers. You can place your wig on it and easily hang it in your closet.

To assemble the hanging wig stand, all you have to do is slide one piece into the other and place the circle ring on top. The wig hanger can fit different types of wigs, long or short, human hair or synthetic. It is also perfect for drying wigs and helps the wig stay in form.

Pro tip: Always ensure that the wig hanger is placed in free space in the closet to prevent clothes from crumpling the wig.

Store Wigs in Silk Satin Wig Bags

In the hair community, silk is usually preferred over cotton because of its ability to retain moisture. Hence, satin bags are perfect for storing your wigs after styling to prevent them from getting dry and matted.

The drawstring design of the silk satin wig bag makes it easy to carry and open. It is also big enough to hold more than one hair bundle at a time. Some wigs come with silk satin bags in their packages, so do not throw them away. They also give a luxurious feel and prevent wig friction and static that damage the hair fibers.

Pro tip:  Silk satin wig bags are easy to carry around and are great for storing your wigs while on a trip.

Store Wigs in A Carton Box

As brands are trying to step up their packaging, it is now common for wigs to come in a box. Do not dispose of these boxes because they'll prove to be useful while storing your wigs. After washing, drying, and detangling the wig, you can fold it and place it in a carton box. You can also stack carton boxes to create space in your closet.

If your wig didn't come in a box, you could always use a shoebox or a delivery carton box.

Pro tip; Ensure that the wig is dry before placing it in a box to prevent it from taking the shape of the box.

Use Wig Travel Box

how to store wigs for travel

A wig travel box comes as a great option if you’re looking for how to store wigs for travel. Some designs come with a lightweight, collapsible Styrofoam head, keeping your hairpiece in shape and style while in a box. It is portable and will not take up a lot of space in your travel box. You can bring it out of the box when you arrive at your destination and style as you please.

Pro tip: It’s always better to take a spare wig while traveling. The wig travel box design without the Styrofoam head can take up to two wigs at a time while staying compact.

Store Wigs in Wig Storage Bags with Hanger

If you're searching for how to store wigs without a wig head, another great option is the wig bag storage with a hanger. This bag is more suitable for hair extensions but is also great for storing wigs.

It comes with a hanger that makes it easy to store in the closet without taking too much space. It is transparent and allows you to quickly identify your wigs without going through the trouble of opening each bag. The wig bag storage with hanger also has a non-slip flannel to keep the wig in place. You can also use it to store wigs for traveling.

Pro tip: You can use the hanger to dry your wig after washing.

Group Your Wigs

Organizing your wigs makes them easier to find when you need them. You do not have to rumple your wigs or open all your wig storages to find one wig. Here are some of the best ways to group your wigs;

Group wigs by length

If you have wigs of different lengths, an effective way to group them will be by length. Arrange the short wigs together and do the same for your long wigs.

Group wigs by style

Another effective way to group your wigs is by style. You can place the curly wigs in the same place and organize your straight or wavy wigs in the same fashion.

Group wigs by color

You can organize your wigs by grouping them according to their colors to help you find them easily.

Group wigs by season

Some people have different wigs for different seasons because of the weather changes. It is best to store wigs according to seasons in this case.

Label Your Wigs

If you wear multiple wigs, you might want to add a description tag to the wig storage if it isn’t transparent. This is to help you easily identify your wig.

Tips for Storing Your Wigs

    Here are some extra tips to note to keep your wigs safe.
      • Keep your wigs away from direct sunlight.
      • Keep the original packaging of your wig as it comes in handy for storage.
      • Do not store a damp wig.
      • Store your wigs away from children and pets.
      • Fold your wigs before placing them in a satin bag, carton box, or travel box. You can do this by placing paper in the wig cap to maintain its shape before folding from ear to ear if the wig has a part.

      Final Words

      Your wig needs all the tender loving care you can give to stay lush and refined. Make a pinky promise to no longer throw your wigs on the table, bed, chair, or anywhere it deems fit to land. Try out the wig storage methods explained above to get the most out of your wigs. Is there any methods that we are missing? Let us know in the comments.


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        Hi Carla, Simon gave Lori’s website in his video, but unfortunately, it seems that they are no longer selling and the website has been shut down.
        If you really want this kind of bag, it is a normal silk bag. There are many places that can customize it, and many of them accept one-piece customization. Hope this helps.

      • Carla

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        @ Terri

        Hi Terri, glad we can help. Let us know which one works best for you. Thank you

      • Terri

        Thank you for the Wig Storage ideas. I’m going to try organizing as you suggested, now that I’ve got used to wearing wigs and I have several storing them where I can easily find them has been my next big challenge.
        Thank you again for the ideas

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