Bald Cap Method

bald cap method for seamless wig install

The bald cap method is a special way of applying a wig cap that makes the wig cap look exactly like your actual scalp. It’s primarily used with lace wigs, including lace fronts, lace closures, and full lace wigs. When done correctly, the bald cap method can give you a more natural-looking wig installation, help your hair lay flat, and create a longer-lasting wig melt.

Wondering how to do it? Well, keep reading! This article will give you detailed instructions on the bald cap method and tell you everything you need for a flawless application.

What Do You Need for The Bald Cap Method?

The first step in doing the bald cap method is to get all of your supplies ready. Don’t know where to start? To complete this technique, you’ll need to gather the following supplies:

  • A blow-dryer
  • Hair glue or gel
  • A skin-colored wig cap
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • Foundation in your preferred shade

Bald Cap Method Step by Step

Although it’s a lengthy process, the bald cap method is simple once you get the hang of it. Just make sure you avoid rushing through the application. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get a perfect bald cap.

Step 1: Flatten and secure your hair for your wig installation. You can use any style you like, as long as it keeps your hair flat against your scalp. Need some ideas? Here are some of the best ways to wear your hair for the bald cap method.

  • Cornrows
  • A low bun
  • Braids or twists
  • Slicked straight back

Step 2: Use an edge brush to brush your natural baby hair back.

Step 2: Choose a wig cap that closely matches your skin tone.

Step 3: Gently pull your wig cap open and slide it onto your head. Pull the edges down, so the cap falls right above your eyebrows and over your ears.

Step 4: Cut a small hole right above both ears and gently pull them through. While you can always go back and make the holes larger, you won’t be able to make them smaller. Start small, and widen the hole as needed.

Step 5: Locate the front of your hairline and apply a thin layer of glue on top of the wig cap from ear to ear. You’ll need to apply it where you want the edge of the cap to sit. Avoid getting it on your natural hair.

Step 6: Blow-dry the glue until it is 100% dry and turns clear. The amount of time you’ll need to blow-dry the glue depends on the glue’s formula and how much glue you used.

Step 7: Trim off the excess wig cap material (the portion that is not glued). Start from one ear hole and cut around your hairline until you’ve removed all of the unglued material. It works best when you don’t cut straight across. Use zig zag motions for the best results. The cap’s edge should be completely glued to your hairline when you finish.

Step 8: Blend the edge of the cap into the rest of your skin with foundation. Depending on the type of wig you plan on wearing, you might want to cover more than just the edge of the wig cap with makeup. That will help recreate the look of your scalp wherever the cap shows through your lace.

  • If you’re wearing a 13x6 lace wig, you may need to apply foundation to your entire forehead.
  • For a 5x5 closure wig, just focus on the top of your head wherever the lace shows.

Step 9: To get the best results, apply foundation to the lace portion of your wig. That will help it blend into your skin and create an even more natural look.

Step 10: Carefully pull your wig onto your head.

You have completed the bald cap method; it’s time to install your wig and rock it!

Note: You can swap out glue for hair gel if you’re looking for a gentler alternative. It won’t be as secure, but hair gel is easier to remove and less damaging than glue.

Pros and Cons of the Bald Cap Method

Now that you know how to do the bald cap method, we’d like to spend some time going over the advantages and disadvantages of this technique. Use the information we’ve included in this section to determine if you want to give it a try.


Your wig will look more natural - The wig cap helps your wig sit flat on your head without unwanted lumps and bumps. Additionally, the bald cap method recreates the look of your hairline, which allows the lace to melt seamlessly into your skin.

Your wig installation will last longer - Keeping the wig away from your skin and its natural oils will preserve the glue and help your wig application stay in place longer.

This method protects your hair and scalp - Wig caps create a barrier between your fragile strands or scalp and the potentially rough material of your wig. That is especially beneficial for women with little to no hair, as it gives the wig something else to hold onto.


This technique is time-consuming - If you’re in a rush, you may want to avoid the bald cap method. From start to finish, it can take upwards of an hour to install and half an hour to remove.

The bald cap method is more expensive - Because you’re gluing and cutting into the wig cap, you won’t be able to reuse it. That means you’ll need a steady supply of new caps, which can get costly. You'll also go through your foundation more quickly, which adds to the overall expense of this method.

Things can get hot - Wearing a tight-fitting wig cap can make your wig warmer and more uncomfortable. The extra layer of fabric may cause you to overheat, especially during the summer. The bald cap method might be too much if you live in a humid environment or are prone to heavy sweating.

It can damage your edges - Using glue on your edges can result in skin irritation and hair loss. That is particularly true if you don’t take the time to remove your cap correctly.

Is bald Cap Method Your Thing?

The bald cap method is time-consuming and will require some level of patience to complete. You might even spend an hour just getting everything right! Despite this, we think that the bald cap method is totally worth it because of how natural it makes your lace wig look!

And there’s no better way to highlight your hard work than with a high-quality, human hair wig. Pairing the bald cap method with a high-quality human hair wig will give you the most natural appearance and enable you to slay your installation the way you always wanted.


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